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Real monsters are always hungry: Monstersuppe is a culinary hunt Berlin, spring 2022. Especially hungry monsters 
go in search of the right ingredients for their monster soup. By quickly sampling and tasting, the players conjure
up their own culinary creations over several rounds. "Monstersuppe" is an action-packed novelty from Schmidt Spiele
and can be played by two to four people aged 5 and up. Who will be the first to find all the ingredients for the 
delicious monster soup?
Monster soup is a dreadful search for ingredients. The four monsters are hungry and prefer to eat their specially 
prepared monster soup. In the slimy bouillon there are culinary ingredients such as a smelly sock or a freshly 
caught fish bone paired with a sticky candy cane.

At the beginning of each round, a recipe card is clearly visible in the middle of the table. Before the hungry monsters
are allowed to feel the right ingredient, they all shout the start signal "On the monsters, get set, go!". Without 
looking into their own feeler bag, the players search as quickly as possible, in each of the four rounds to be played
for the ingredients they are looking for - the right ingredients go into their own soup bowl, the wrong ingredients
have to go back to the bag. The monster that first felt all of the ingredients in the respective round calls out 
"Monster Soup" and everyone else must immediately stop looking. For each correctly sensed ingredient in their own 
soup bowl, the players receive a green cube of slime from the supply in their bag, which serves for a flavor enhancer
for the monster soup. 

After the fourth round, the game is over and the feeler bags of the end of the game are emptied. The monster with the 
most slime cubes in the bowl wins the cooking spectacle - if there is a tie there are several winners. Now the delicious 
monster soup can finally be eaten. Bon appetit! 

Type: Tactile action game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele | Players: 2-4 | Age: from 5 years | Time: approx. 15 min.
Minutes | Price: 29.99 euros

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