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Mighty Boards will join the UK Games Expo! You might know the Maltese publisher from games like Hamlet, Petrichor, Posthuman Saga, Vengeance and Excavation Earth – which won Best Euro Game last year at UKGE!
Now they’re bringing their newest games for you to try. Don't miss out and visit them at Booth 1-368!

booth UKGE

This year, you’ll be able to see and try the following games at the Mighty Boards booth:

▪ Hamlet: The Village Building Game
▪ Vengeance: Roll & Fight
▪ Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan

NEW GAME ALERT: Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan

Yes, you saw that right – Mighty Boards is bringing a brand new game to UKGE! Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is a cooperative, campaign adventure for 1 to 4 players with a quick setup and learn-as-you-go rules that can be played in sessions of as little as 30 minutes!

MB FF-teaser-05

You will take on the role of heroes venturing out of their forested homeland to the crowded, opulent city of Easafir with the hope of freeing an emissary locked up in the Emperor’s palace. Along the way, you will meet a caste of dubious characters and get dragged into thorny situations that will require a charming turn of phrase or an arrow to the head to resolve. This app-driven narrative adventure adapts to your choices, successes and failures. Each of these choices weaves a different path through the game’s sprawling story-branches for a truly unique experience with each playthrough!
Want to be the first to take a sneak peek at this new game? Come find out more at booth 1-368! Don’t miss a thing and follow everything about Fateforge on BoardGameGeek and Discord!

Buy and win your favorite games!
The team will be selling other titles like Excavation Earth and Petrichor: Collector’s Edition at the stand in limited supply, so make sure to head over on time to grab your favorite copy!
On top of that, they will be running a raffle to thank you all for your everlasting support! Come by the booth 1-368 to get your raffle ticket and a lucky winner will be announced at the end of the convention!


About Mighty Boards

Mighty Boards is a Maltese publisher that aims to create immersive board game experiences with gorgeous game design, intense challenges and evocative stories. The team places great importance on innovative mechanics that stimulate the imagination. Every product goes through rigorous development and a solid testing process to make sure we deliver only top-quality products.
If you’d like to follow their journey, join the Discord community or follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.



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