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Tis foolhardy to expect this letter will reach anyone thru the boundless ocean swells, but aspirin’ sailors eager to set out on voyages of their own best listen to my tale should they wish to answer the Maritime Calling. A seafarin’ life isn’t about pleasure boatin’ whilst leisurely takin’ in the salty sea air. The good captain Tiamat Games reminds the crew of that day in, day out — 'specially on one peculiar journey. Sticks with me like one of them gulls on the deck pinnin’ for our last scrap of soggy bread, it does. 

Take A Quick Voyage

We were driftin’ aimlessly, half a world away from nowhere after a tropical storm left the ship in rough shape and crew morale in tatters. All seemed lost. That is, until the captain took the time to lend each and every one of us his ear — it was time to figure out who was best at what. I always felt at home in the crow’s nest, even as the waves quagswag the boat to and fro. So he sent me up there, with eyes peeled for a spot of land from sunrise to sunset. Meanwhile, the lads still full of vigor were busy hoistin’ sails, listenin’ for whatever instructions the ship’s navigation expert had for them whilst everyone else patched holes in the hull. After days of agony, I finally saw a rocky crag not far off. “Land ho!” I belted out to thunderous applause from my crewmates below. The captain nodded at his first mate to make ready the landing crafts, fingers runnin’ through his beard in quiet celebration. We all came to trust the captain with our lives after that one, and finally knew why he works us until we can’t move no more — cuz it’s just what needs be done for survival.

In Maritime Calling, folks be leadin’ a pre-colonial sailing ship itchin’ to explore what’s beyond the horizon. The captain gets final say on all ship operations, from scrapin’ barnacles off the hull to ensurin’ every man aboard gets a mouthful of potatoes after a hard day’s work. A ship is only as strong as its crew, after all — and both need be in tip-top shape to explore uncharted lands and endure whatever dangers the sea throws yer way, ‘specially when procedural generation swaps everything about with each new game!

Key Features of Maritime Calling:

Maritime Calling will be available for PC via Steam in Q3 2021.  

More information is available on the game's Kickstarter page, found here:


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