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Magic Maze of Sit Down! published in May 2017 Pegasus Games



Friedberg, April 12, 2017: The German edition of the cooperative family game Magic Maze published in May 2017 Pegasus Games in Germany and Austria. After the extraordinary and innovative Captain Sonar is Magic Maze the next game Pegasus games offers a whole new real-time game concept.

What to do if you have no equipment to search in dark dungeons of fabled treasures? That leaves only one thing: the local Magic Maze -Shopping pay a "visit". In a cloak-and-dagger operation, therefore, a magician, a warrior, an elf and a dwarf sneak into the department store and search for useful items for the next dungeon expedition.

Each player can perform at any time for one of the four heroes an action that can not be done by other players. Only one player can go about the heroes north or can take the escalator or explore a new area. Only together can the maze of Magic Maze successfully overcome grab the equipment and rush to the exit, while the hourglass is running relentlessly. That sounds not so hard on? Oh, the players are not allowed to talk to each other, but to deny only in short spells during the game.

Exciting games in under 15 minutes and varied scenarios - from the seven scenarios introduction to the ten challenging scenarios with additional rules - ensure long pause real-time gameplay. Magic Maze Kasper Lapp is a turbulent game for the whole family, all forces together to silence, but laugh.

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