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Hey Cultists!

I’m Michał, the game director and producer of Lust from Beyond. We decided to move the release date to March 11th, and I’d like you to know why. But first check out the YouTube video

‘Lust from Beyond’ is a first-person survival horror game set between our world and a world of endless ecstasy. As Victor Holloway, an American antiquarian, the player pursues the mystery of otherworldly visions, which seem related to Victor’s sex addiction. 

This bold, mature production with erotic and occult themes, inspired by the works of Lovecraft and Giger, was already introduced to gamers via two free standalone chapters: Prologue and Scarlet. Both have been enthusiastically received on Steam. 

The game’s complete, but our beta tests showed that we can further optimize the code and environment. We think that if we can make it better, we should. We’ll make LfB look and run smoother on older hardware.

But even today, we’re proud of what we have!

We’re a small studio, and we’re combining different aspects of horror. We’re making a game that’s longer than Lust for Darkness and the two LfB prologues combined. We have choices, and even elements of RPG-like character development. The prologues had a Steam rating of 88% and 82%. We aim at least this high, and with a way larger game this time.

I’ll see you in the Land of Ecstasy on March 11th. And we'll have some pleasant surprises along the way. Thanks for being with us.

Yv'h lauv'abrarc, Yv'h Lusst'ghaa!

Michał Ciastoń,
Game Director & Producer

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