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Lucid Dream –  sweet dreams little Lucy, it's time to set out 



October 9, 2018 – Dali Games, an independent Polish development studio, informs that their adventure game Lucid Dream got out of the Early Access and has been fully released on Steam. From now on, players can explore the unusual world of dreams with little Lucy to the very end. Only time will tell if fate is generous to her.

Lucid Dream is a point-and-click adventure game with hand-drawn 2D graphics. Players will take on the role of a little Lucy, a girl who, as a result of painful events of the past, was chained to a wheelchair. Together with her sick mother, they live in a small, depressing apartment. Lucy discovers an unusual world of dreams where she is free of her limitations. Getting to know these lands turns out to be the only chance to save a mother who fights her own demons. However, the price may be the loss of her own soul so time is of the essence. While visiting successive surrealistic levels, Lucy comes across unique characters with extraordinary personalities and often their own agenda. The story prepared by the creators keeps us in suspense from the very beginning and is full of unexpected twists and turns of action. The touching story will remain in the minds of players for a long time.

The game includes eleven carefully prepared chapters. The players are asked to solve demanding and often unconventional puzzles with the help of almost 200 items that can be found in Lucid Dream. The game is full of hidden symbolism. In the world of dreams, nothing is as it may seem. The unusual atmosphere of the game is complemented by a unique soundtrack, that strengthens the powerful emotions accompanying the players. It will perfectly emphasize what is currently happening on the screen.

– With the release of the game, we have made all the chapters available, allowing you to complete the game as a whole. We have also improved the gameplay of the levels available so far – comments Grzegorz Kowal, one of the creators of Lucid Dream – Despite the small, only four-person team, we managed to finish this amazing project. We are extremely proud of this game and we hope that Lucy's story will touch the players’ souls – he adds.

For the game release, the creators have prepared a special 15% discount. The full version of the game is available on Steam for a price of $14.99 / €12.49 in five language versions: English, German, Russian, French and Polish.

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