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For those of you who haven't yet heard about our 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee celebrations, we have a lot going on this year, including online events, raffle contests, giveaways, and more. Keep reading for details!

For those of you who have been following along all year and were wondering where we've been lately, please accept our deepest apologies. We had several life events that took us off course, including the death of Laurie's brother-in-law and Kristin coming down with diverticulitis--a nasty intestinal infection. She has been struggling with this for six weeks now, and spent three days in the hospital getting IV antibiotics. She has one more week of antibiotics to go, then a colonoscopy to make sure she doesn't need surgery, before she's out of the woods, but she is feeling better and we're all hopeful that she's got it beat.


In light of Kristin's ongoing health battles, we have been reluctant to schedule new events, for fear that health issues would prevent us from being able to make good on our plans. But Kristin seems to have recovered enough to tentatively move forward, so we have posted the remaining events for the year on our event website. Hopefully we will not need to cancel any of them, but we ask for your understanding if we do end up needing to.

And as an added bonus, we have made all events free to everyone for the rest of the year! No ticket needed, though you do need to register for each event you wish to attend (click the event number to get to the registration page). AND you can earn raffle tickets in our Rare Item Raffle for attending an event! We'd love to see you sometime soon and share a little holiday cheer.

Some highlights include:

• Halloween Pumpkin Carving or Crafting

• Gift Wrapping and Cookie Decorating sessions

• Some game playing events, including a few with special guests

• Two Q&A sessions--one about the history of Looney Labs, and one about the future, including a peek at upcoming products and prototypes Andy is working on

• A few rounds of Parsely, a puzzle party game in which Andy plays a computer and participants take turns giving him commands to move through an old-school text adventure

• Perhaps most exciting of all: a big birthday bash on November 12th. This party can handle 100+ guests and will include a variety of fun games, activities, and chances to just chat and hang out with the Looneys. We really hope that all of you will join us for this birthday event!


Congratulations to the 38 participants who won a rare item in our Q3 raffle! Prizes have been shipped out, so if you have not received yours, please let us know so that we can track it down for you!

It was interesting to see the variety of styles for placing tickets in buckets! Some folks put all of their tickets into just one bucket, trying hard to win their most coveted item. Others evenly placed their tickets across all of the buckets that were of interest to them. Still others placed their tickets in the least populous buckets to increase their chances of winning. All of these strategies panned out for some people, so that was fun!

Also please note that there was one bucket--for the 5 copies of Hypothermia--that originally had exactly 5 entrants, but two of those entrants moved their tickets to different buckets at some point, leaving only 3 official entrants for 5 prizes. We decided to award each of the 5 original entrants one of these prizes rather than not award two of the copies. Thank you to all for participatingn in the Q3 Raffle!

The Q4 Rare Item Raffle has now begun and we'd love for you all to join us! We have quite a few cool prizes that you could win, including perhaps the most valuable of the bunch. And all participants--whether you win or not--will be given a special "thanks for joining in the fun" prize in December.

It's definitely not too late to enter, but the sooner the better, since some ticket-earning activities can be done every day. There are a wide variety of fun things to do in order to win tickets, such as watch videos, play games with the Looneys, or take some photographs. We're hoping that participants will have fun not only because of the prizes, but because of the enjoyable activities along the way.


In addition to the quarterly Rare Item Raffles, we have run a few other contests over the year, and plan to step that up a little this quarter. We have just completed a Logo Mosaic Contest, and we are hoping to post at least three more over the next two months. Details will be announced on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and at the top of the contest page. (AND, again, you can earn more raffle tickets for participating in these smaller contests!)


We continue to include Silver Jubilee Gifts with every purchase from our web store. These gifts include two copies of Tiny Fluxx--one for you to keep, and one to give to a friend!

In addition, we are doing a physical mailing for our holiday gift this year. If you would like to receive a free gift in the mail, please sign up and give us your mailing address before November 26th, as the mailings will begin to ship in early December. What is the gift, you ask? That's a secret! But we think you'll like it.

Beyond these two physical gifts, we have released a wide variety of digital giveaways this year, and have a few more planned before 2021 is behind us. We will announce them on social media and at the top of the contests page when they are new, but all of the giveaways can be accessed via the "More Fun" tab in our Shopify store. It will be updated as new giveaways become available!

We really hope you'll get a chance to join us for at least some of all of this Silver Jubilee fun, and that you'll let your friends, family, and coworkers know about these opportunities as well. We'd love to grow our fan family!




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