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As we begin 2019, we are very excited to announce to you all that this year for Looney Labs will be the Year of Time Travel! A big thanks to all the Time Travelers who have shown up for the occasion; you already know just how amazing this year will be! Some of you we last saw at the releases ofChrononauts and Early American Chrononauts. (Oh, you just came from there? Er, then? Thank you!)

Of course, it’s always a pleasure to see you, Doctor Who. Are you enjoying your new body? Yes, well for us it was technically last year we celebrated two of your forms in our special Coin and Doctors pack. But don’t worry, our fans will get to see more of the 13th Doctor in an expansion pack later this year! Star Trek Time Ship Aeon, thank you for coming, but we are still playtesting your version of Chrononauts. Do we call it Chrono-Trek? No, don’t break the Temporal Prime Directive. Those of us who experience time linearly will just have wait until GenCon to learn more.

Time Repair Agents, there is cake in the break room for you! Congratulations on finally capturing the Time Breaker. For us, it’s still about a month away from the official release date; February 28th. Wait, are you the ones responsible for letting local game stores get a demo copy of the game ahead of time? Maybe focus on catching chrono-criminals. Oh, he’s escaped again? Big surprise. I guess we’ll have to go with Plan C, which has a Time Traveler in reserve.

Time Breaker releases February 28, 2019. Our Fluxx titles are easy to convince game stores to buy, but non-Fluxxes often don’t get the attention they deserve. You can help us by calling or visiting your friendly local game store today and ordering your copy of Time Breaker. Store owners often buy based on whether anyone has asked for something, so your pre-order with them truly can make a difference in the success of this game. And if your local store already has it on order, they might already have an early demo copy for you to come play with!  If they order soon, they can still get an early demo copy, so please call your local store today. THANK YOU!

Early copies also means early reviews...  the Time Breaker page has links to the rules, reviews, videos, etc.  Please check it out and get excited to own a copy of Andy's new Time Travel card game.  

Thanks for playing (and pre-ordering) our games!



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