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The holidays are upon us again, and all of us at Looney Labs would like to thank our fans with a print and play version of a brand new game: IceToids! Andy created this game as a challenge for himself to create a game that was small enough to fit in an Altoids tin. And the result is this year's holiday gift!

Click here for the print and play version. You can play it with Looney Pyramids, or, if you don't have any yet, you can play with the printable tokens. For those of you who would like a more polished version of the game, along with a Pyramid Arcade card to add to your set, we have physical sets available through GameCrafter.

Happy Holidays to All from Looney Labs!

Some of you have been waiting all year for this moment: we finally have permission to sell the Doctor Who coin we created back in January! We apologize for the delay.

The problem was that our license with the BBC does not include promotional coins, only games, and they realized this after they had approved everything and let us manufacture the coins. But we are pleased to have negotiated a great solution, by selling a bundle that includes a NEW RULE called Move The Coin. This solidifies our position that the coin is a TURN TOKEN which is part of gameplay, and hence not a promotional coin. So we now have permission to sell the coins we have been sitting on for 11 months!

Since the 13th Doctor is now approved for production as well, we are including both her and the War Doctor (our 2018 convention promo card) with the coin. So it's a Doctor Who Coin & Doctors Expansion!(The 13th Doctor will also be featured in a more extensive expansion pack in 2019... stay tuned.)

Happy Whovian Holidays! We have a limited number of these coins available, so if you want one, order it today!














It is time to say goodbye to one of our oldest games, Are You A Werewolf? Even if you're not a werewolf, you'll still want to get your paws on it before it's locked in the Vault! We wanted to let our fans know before it is completely sold out! Check with a game store near you, or you can find it in the Looney Labs' online store.  We even have a few copies left of our cool Deluxe AYAW that comes with unique identity viewers so your game won't be ruined by well-worn cards giving someone away. Grab your torch and pitchfork now, because once these werewolves are locked away, the Villagers will be enjoying a long, peaceful night.


A:  Well, first I have to explain why it WASN’T up on Amazon before now. When Pyramid Arcade released two years ago, we wanted to make sure that it would get a good chance in brick and mortar stores—that they would stock it even though it was an expensive game, and that they would take the time to demo it and build a community of players. So we restricted sales to brick and mortar only, to give Pyramid Arcade that chance to shine. And it worked! At least kind of worked. Sales are good, in some stores, and the game just won Dr. Toy’s “Ten Best Educational Products for 2018!” But many people tell us they are having trouble finding a way to buy Pyramid Arcade because they live in an area where there isn’t a local game store. So we’ve decided to start selling to Amazon so that those people can have a convenient way to buy this wonderful pyramid system! We’re still restricting online sales, including third-party Amazon sales, but we’re opening this one avenue of online sales for those who need it. Happy holiday shopping!



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