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Happy Holidays from all of us at Looney Labs! As we move into the gift-giving season, we'd like to suggest that our games make great gifts for lots of reasons! First, a game is both a physical gift to open AND an experience to enjoy over and over for years to come. Second, our games come in small packages, perfect for shipping, storing, and taking with you wherever you go. Third, nearly all of our games are $20 or less, so we've got gifts for every budget, as well as stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, and appreciation gifts for the service workers in your life. Fourth, with over 50 titles to choose from, we're pretty sure we have a game for everyone, whether they are casual players or hardcore gamers. And finally, when you buy a Looney Labs game, whether you buy it locally or online, you are supporting a small business, and it is appreciated.

Looney Labs released three new and exciting Fluxxes this year! First off was a topic near and dear to the former-NASA scientist Looneys--Astronomy Fluxx. This is the first Fluxx to feature photographic images rather than illustrations, and with the black backgrounds, those images really are stunning! Next came a big dose of silliness in the form of SpongeBob Fluxx. With cards like "Cartoon Talk," "Imaaaagination," and "You Need a Hydrodynamic Spatula With Port and Starboard Attachments," the whole family will be laughing in no time. And most recently, we added the crew of the starship Voyager to our line of Star Trek games. Help Janeway, Chakotay, and the rest find their way home while enjoying the humor of cards like "There's Coffee in That Nebula," "Tuvix," and "Captain Proton."

We also released several exciting titles for the Looney Pyramid system this year! These four boxed sets are just slightly larger than our standard Fluxx boxes, and come in four different difficulty levels. Nomids is a brand new very light strategy game that's great for kids. The other three are classic favorite pyramid games. Ice Duo contains two games--Ice Dice (a press your luck game) and Twin Win (a hidden goal game with a little bluffing). Martian Chess (in either opaque deep red or shiny silver pieces) is a mind-bending chess variant in which board position, not color, determines piece ownership. Homeworlds is a deep pure strategy game of space exploration that takes minutes to learn but years to master. Each of these boxes is a standalone game, but also expands Pyramid Arcade in different ways. And finally, if you're a Zendo fan, we've got Zendo Expansion #2 if you own the current black and white base game, or if you'd rather play with the classic pyramids, we've got Zendo Cards for Pyramids!

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with the Game Manufacturer's Association, selected retailers, Toys for Tots, and YOU this year in order to provide quality toys for kids in need. Here's how it works: For the three games Marvel Fluxx, Jumanji Fluxx, and Get the MacGuffin, if you buy a copy at regular price, you will have the option to buy a second game at half price that we will donate to Toys for Tots for you. This offer ends December 9th, so that we have enough time to deliver the toys.

We also have a few other great bundles available throughout the year... check them out!

We've already talked about SpongeBob Fluxx, the Star Trek FluxxesMarvel Fluxx, and Jumanji Fluxx, but we've still got even MORE licensed products for all the geeks and collectors in your life! How about Doctor Who Fluxx? Or Firefly Fluxx? Or get a little zany with Monty Python Fluxx. Or for a change of pace, give Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tale Fluxx a try!

Not interested in Fluxx? How about Mad Libs: The GameMary Engelbreit Loonacy, or Star Trek Chrono-Trek (a time travel game)?

We've got four fun stocking stuffers for under $10 for you! As mentioned earlier, there's a new expansion for Zendo. Or if you know someone who owns a ton of Fluxx games, get them the Fluxx Dice expansion to add to any deck. Or how about a complete game for 2-3 players for just $2. Are You a Robot is a quick little social deduction game. Buy a pack for all your friends and you can combine the sets to play with a crowd. Or maybe you have a Spanish speaker in your life who would love a copy of Fluxx En Español. Feliz Navidad!

If you haven't seen this yet, this may be the coolest thing you could buy for someone this holiday season! We have partnered with The Game Crafter, a print on demand company, to offer customized versions of our game, Loonacy. Some cautions:

1. Please do not use clip art. You can use our available images or your personally created photos or artwork, but no clip art, even free. Sorry.

2. You will want to order soon. Due to the pandemic, The Game Crafter is not able to print as quickly as usual. Orders placed today (11/19) are due to ship on December 10th.

3. Order 9 games or less at a time. Otherwise, your order will be placed in the Bulk queue, which won't ship until March!

With the above cautions in mind, these decks make great gifts that can be created in under an hour and cost just $10, but really show you care! Here are some ideas: Make each of the 24 images a photo of a different family member. Or personalize a version for each of your children or grandchildren by using images of them through time and images of their favorite toys and people. Or help your child make one for their best friend!

Or simply order one of the pre-created print-on-demand decks that look fun to you!












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