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LongPack Games at UKGE

LongPack Games is excited to be attending the UKGE! Active in the printing industry for over 20 years, LongPack Games has been steadily supplying publishers from all across the world with card and board game manufacturing solutions. We offer a full range of production facilities for each and every component a board game may contain, be it paper, wooden, plastic or metal components, and to top it all off we have state of the art miniature manufacturing facilities.

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After the overwhelmingly positive reception of our last sample box we've been working hard behind the screens trying to put together an even better one than before! The new box has samples of our brand new card stock options (heavier cardstock? Check!), more miniatures, double punch boards and more. Get in touch with us if you're interested in checking it out for yourself or drop by the booth!

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We also welcome everyone to set up an appointment with us if you'd like to talk to our engineer or our sales director about how LongPack Games can help your company produce your upcoming game projects. For appointments please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you quickly, but of course else everyone is always welcome to drop by our booth at stand H20.

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