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Live Entertainment Events at UKGE

We are now taking bookings for the UK Games Expo Live Entertainment events. These are live shows which blend comedy, audience participation and gaming and are a perfect way to take a break from the games tables, relax and have a laugh along with the rest of the UKGE community.

You can see the full listing and book your tickets here...

The Dark Room 
Come and play a live action, text-based adventure game! It's a choose your own adventure – so choose it! Cult hit The Dark Room returns to UKGE for it's 4th consecutive year! This year John Robertson is offering options for the Dark room as well as the standard session. The Dark Room for Kids is adapted to allow children to take part. It’s The Dark Room, but no swearing! In The Dark Room till Ya die the usual 60 minute session is abandoned in a show that only ends when everyone’s dead! It’s a marathon Dark Room meets a late-night party!

Live RPG Plus 
Join Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes along with an all-star party of game industry luminaries for Live RPG Plus, an audience driven, interactive live RPG adventure with immersive atmospheric sound and an extraordinary lack of taking things seriously. Come drive the plot and see if our all-star cast can survive the fun.

Knightmare Live 
Remember the 1980s TV Cult classic Knightmare? Now is your chance to play it for real in a live stage adaption of it that has received great reviews in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and returns to UKGE for its second year. Knightmare Live is back, and offers you the chance to wear the iconic helmet of justice and play the dungeon. This time the game has changed; every show is different, every room holds a new challenge.

The M.M.O.R.P.G. Show 
A crowd gathers, no doubt they hear I seek a champion.. 
Also from the makers of Knightmare Live the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game show returns to UK Games Expo. Combining improvised comedy with table top gaming in an epic, sprawling, open world, entirely made up fantasy quest. Every show is different. For every choice a consequence. Success decided by a large, light up D20… (20 sided dice).

Live Pandemic 
The Expo is in lock-down as award-winning comedian James Cook asks you to join us in a game of Pandemic unlike any you've ever played before! Featuring guest players and you the audience as the 4th player. Based on the popular board game, designed by Matt Leacock. Guest players will be confirmed soon.

Jollyboat are the UK's best comedy-pirate-geek-rock duo. They write catchy comedy songs packed with one-liners and plenty of geeky references and a medley of pirate-themed pop songs which became an instant hit and kickstarted their accidental career as comedy pirate brothers.

You can't Polish a Nerd 
A statistically insignificant amount taller than Tom Cruise, Tom Crosbie is the nerdiest comedian to appear at UK Games Expo and will have a Rubik's Cube race with anyone that claims otherwise. Join him for 3,333 seconds of fun... if you dare. To be honest, you should probably come even if you don't dare – it's really not that dangerous. An hour of memory games, mathematics and an amazing skill with Rubik's Cubes.

Tournament and RPG Tickets

We are aiming to set live tickets for as many tournaments as possible as well as the first roleplaying events on Sunday 28th January probably at Noon. 
If you keep an eye on the website you will be able to browse events as we get them set up. Many of the Board Game events are already listed here...


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