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League’s Next Ultimate Skin: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

She’ll feature four different exosuits changeable throughout the game and all-new voice over.

League of Legends’ next Ultimate skin, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (GGMF), hits the PBE on March 6 and live servers on March 22. 

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is a one-woman weapon of mass destruction and a legendary bounty hunter seeking revenge among a galaxy of thieves.

Shot and left for dead as a young girl, Sarah Fortune used her father’s last remaining weapon blueprint to develop an exosuit of unrivaled power—installing an AI of her own design to make the platform intelligent—and began a bloody quest of revenge as she hunted down her would-be killers. Known throughout the galaxy as the most dangerous woman alive, she is respected and feared as the Gun Goddess.

How She Works: 

During the game, you’ll have four different exosuits to choose from—Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Starswarm, and Royal Arms. Whenever you’re at your fountain, a UI will pop up and you’ll have the option to switch exosuits to fit whatever mood you’re in.  

Her Exosuits: 

The Details: 

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