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Thranda Design's X-Plane 11 model of the Quest Kodiak STOL utility aircraft is now on sale from the Just Flight website!

An Expansion Pack and money-saving Bundle are also available.

Quest Kodiak G1000  £27.99 / €34.95 / $41.99

Thranda's Quest Kodiak includes an accurate G1000 simulation with moving map, an exceptional array of advanced FMOD sounds, superb interior and exterior reflections using full PBR features, dynamic Livery Editor and a fly-out pop-up menu featuring five menus.

Among the many features are a functional GPU, custom lighting throughout, accurate flight dynamics, extremely detailed panel with dynamic reflections, hideable cargo pod, engine failures and an electric tug to tow the aircraft.

The Kodiak Expansion Pack includes an amphibian version (floats with retractable landing gear), a ski version with animated skis that adapt to ground angle and bumpiness, a cargo version and a tundra version with larger balloon tyres.

An executive interior is included, with seats facing each other and animated slide-out tables, and several menus in the slide-out window adapt dynamically to the configuration selected by the user.

Expansion Pack for Quest Kodiak G1000  £14.99 / €18.95 / $19.99

Also available...

Quest Kodiak G1000 & Expansion Pack Bundle  £34.99 / €44.95 / $49.99  Save £7.99 / €8.95 / $11.99 on the price of the two Kodiak add-ons if bought separately!

See the Just Flight website for screenshots and full details!

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