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News for May / June 2022


If you haven't noticed, I have successfully received a pre-production sample of the game. You can see the detailed update here.

Most of the errors found should have been corrected by now. For example,
seems the cards in the sleeves will fit into the insert.

According to last week's information, production of the game should be completed by the end of this month, which is great news given the recent situation in China.

After the production is finished, the last phase - 
shipping - awaits us.

From my perspective, shipping is part of the risk of it if you go on Kickstarter.
I suspected from the beginning that I would be partially paying the shipping out of the profits, which turns out to be true and I'm okay with that.

I would like to assure you that I will ship the game to all backers and I won't force anyone to pay anything extra.

If you're more interested in board games, you can guess how big a topic shipping has been lately. And it's not exactly a short time, in fact it's all been dragging on since the pandemic began. We can discuss all sorts of views but in the end we can agree on one thing - the cost of shipping is high. So high for Europe, in fact, that VAT including makes the kickstarter price unaffordable in financial terms for many people. U.S. shipping rates have recently increased by 20% and there is probably no end in sight to further increases.

The situation is so serious that many publishers have had to close down.
I recently watched a video where Quackalope explains quite humanly how Indie publishers are doing. If you're interested, check it out 

Recently, several board game companies have announced their demise. Diea Games (Euthia) also recently failed. I mention this because the people around the game are from the same country as me.
I know several of them and have discussed with them not only the Kinghill campaign. That's why I was very saddened by their failing. Seeing the the failure of people you know and who make games with their hearts and have dedicated years of their lives to it is very demotivating.
Are you interested in some numbers? They are very simple - the project raised $40,000. After paying fees (kickstarter, etc.) I have approximately $35000 left in my account.
Campaign costs (i.e. game graphics, marketing, reviews, prototypes, etc., not counting any work) are calculated to be around $15000. The production of the game itself came out to $20,000 (it should be mentioned here that I produce more games than there are backers. So the extra games sold could make some profit).
You don't have to be a great mathematician to figure out that I have about $0 left in my account.

Shipping was collected through the pledge manager and thanks to you, I was also able to collect a little on addons (about $7000 for addons and $26000 for shipping). The current estimate of postage costs (I don't have the exact numbers yet) will be around $25000, and I expect 20% increase due to the spike in gasoline and oil prices. Bottom line, after paying taxes I'm expecting to have few thousands for three years of development and work.

I don't mention this to inspire any form of pity, I just wanted to be open minded here.

If you are asking about the future of Kinghill, there is currently something in discussion, but I can't give any details at the moment as nothing is confirmed.
As for future games from my side, it doesn't look very bright. As you can probably understand just to produce the graphics and then run another campaign is very challenging from a financial point of view.

Don't take my word for it - I'm really glad Kinghill did well, and I hope you enjoy the game when it arrives! The fact that I've managed to fulfil my dream of publishing a board game makes me very happy and proud.


For a long time I was wondering whether I should ask for some extra money at all. In light of everything that's going on around, I decided on the following option - I'm opening voluntary contributions. And I will be happy to offer you a little something for your support.

Since I can't physically add anything to the game itself, I'm offering a downloadable promo pack of cards for Kinghill.


Bolur and Bergelmir are giant brothers, Gianti who have descended from the Misty Mountains and are ready to unleash hell. As the base game has a smaller number of "giant" monsters, they will certainly be a welcome addition.
The Lockjaw is another monster you can spend precious Moonstone power on, and can often devour even stronger enemies.

I realize that print and play cards are not quite ideal, but I believe there are a few people for whom even a few extra cards will bring great joy.


Note: Czech version is included. Minimum contribution is 1 USD and you can pay via paypal or by credit card.


Thank you all so much for the feedback you give me and the support I get from you. I really appreciate every single comment and I really hope you are looking forward to the game!

I should have more shipping information to share soon. Let me know if you would appreciate more detailed info on how the whole shipping process works, I'd be happy to set something up.

" It’s better to die than to live in the knowledge that you’ve done something that needs forgiveness."

                                                                                             - Andrzej Sapkowski



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