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Now is your time, Blessed Skyborn!

You were here from the beginning and have followed our journey thus far. You've seen Kwanchai's original sketches come to life in their final colored form, learned about the native creatures of several shards, and dabbled in the story-driven mechanics of this unique game. You've traveled so far with us, but our journey is just beginning.

On April 24th, we will launch the Overlight Kickstarter. We will delve deeper into this world and share insider stories from the creators.  You will learn more about the folk and their histories. Your place in this world will become clear.  

We are excited to share this colorful project with you and need your help to make it a reality!

Join us on Kickstarter April 24th!

Learn more about the Folk:

The Aurumel
The Banyari 
 The Haarkeen
The Zenith Order Monks & Hamanu

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April 24th Launch!
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