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Yeyuna from Poland is happy to announce JURASSIC ARCHITECT!     TRAILER      STEAM

Their newest city builder where dinosaurs play the most important role!

The earth has been deteriorating more and more for many years.

The development of civilization has depleted most of the earth, and the sky no longer lets in as much sun as it used to. The only solution was to combine the forces of the world's greatest powers and the construction of a portal that would allow humanity to once again move to the times of natural fertility.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get there. First of all, it will be necessary to send appropriate groups of people who will build and secure the settlement in order to be able to attract more people to it over time. When creating our settlement, we must remember to provide it with all the necessary resources. The areas from this era provide not only various rock deposits, but also ideal conditions for renewable energy sources or soil for numerous crops.

"I wanted to combine my love for the city builder genre with a theme that has not existed yet. This is how the idea for Jurassic Architect was born." says Sebastian Żaczek CEO of Yeyuna.

It is only up to you what kind of people you want to create a new civilization from. Qualified scientists, soldiers, mechanics, farmers - there is a job for everyone if you provide them with a roof over their heads.

This era provides plenty of essential resources, but the presence of dinosaurs is not always positive. Some of them can be harnessed to work in mining, others can be ridden or placed in arenas to the delight of the inhabitants, but you have to defend yourself against others, constantly strengthening the fortifications of your settlement.

Lead a group of colonizers and create a new civilization in the age of the dinosaurs. The fate of mankind depends only on you!

Check out Jurassic Architect official reveal trailer!

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