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New-Comer: Jordenheim RPG Enters the Fray

27th July 2020
Us at W.R.K.S Games are eager for you to start your adventure in the Norse-inspired universe of Jordenheim.

As it is our first campaign as an exhibitor, we have prepared a fantasy-filled schedule to introduce, teach, and experience the Jordenheim universe.
So, what IS Jordenheim?

Jordenheim is a Viking-themed digital pen & paper RPG set in a fictional realm where man and magic have lived side by side for over 1000 years. Now, the new religion of Khristianity threatens the supremacy of the Elder Gods.

Jordenheim Features:
• Designed for 2-5 players led by a GM.
• Use one roll for attack and damage, with intuitive defense rules — making combat flow while allowing for depth and complexity.
• Features 4 regions, each with its own history, thriving cities, rich culture, customs, and trade.
• Choose from 8 classes including the God-touched (men said to possess the power of God), Runecrafters and Witches (women blessed by the gods).

Please join us during Virtually Expo for character creation sessions and playthroughs. You can even get a head start by grabbing a copy at






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