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Today we're delighted to announce the release of two brand new Tile Sets in PDF for the John Carter of Mars RPG.

Ruins of Korad and Airships of Barsoom are now available as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection on and

Ruins of Korad

Explore the Ruins of Barsoom! 
Prepare to battle dangerous creatures and uncover the hidden secrets in the once magnificent, now ruined city of Korad. With the John Carter of Mars PDF gaming tiles, you can adventure and battle your foes within the ruined city to seek glory, honor or treasures lost to the ages. 

 Airships of Barsoom

Take to the Skies! 
Prepare to travel the skies of Barsoom! With the John Carter of Mars PDF gaming tiles you can choose between proudly flying the colors of Helium or Zodanga, as you fight for control of, and battle your foes on the decks of a mighty Martian airship.
We hope you enjoy these latest John Carter of Marts PDF releases. They join a wealth of recent John Carter releases in the collection including the core book in print,Phantoms of Mars campaign bookSlipcase SetNarrator's Toolkit & Screen, Dice Sets, miniatures sets like the Heroes of Barsoom and individual minis including the fearsome white apeBanth and Apt.
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