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Ever been in a pickle? Well you soon might be!


Be the first Astronaut to rebuild your Rocket Ship or spend eternity trapped in a galaxy where asteroid belts exist only to hold up your space trousers!

Attack of the Intergalactic Gherkins is a 2-6 player lightweight card game for ages 7+, set in a whacky galaxy where nothing is quite as it seems. Use hand management skills to play action card combos, build sets and collect Ship Parts whilst moving around the Solar System...easy right?

Well that would be true, if it weren't for your fellow players employing Cloaking Devices, Meteor Showers and of course those Alliterating Aliens Appropriating Artifacts...and that's before we even mention the Gherkins!

Our Kickstarter campaign offers the base game, as well as a Limited Edition White Box with Kickstarter Exclusive box and card art, upgraded cardstock, game expansion, a further mini expansion bundle and more...

Be one of the first to own a copy by backing us on Kickstarter - limited early-bird offer available.

What non-Games Gazette-reviewers have to say

"Attack of the Intergalactic Gherkins is a frantic game of back and forth cardplay." MeepleVPeople Review

"This game is fast and a lot of fun!" Review

Exhibiting at the UK Games Expo allowed us to get a limited number of games into the hands of real people - this is what some of them had to say:

10/10 - "I've always played as a 4 player game and it's always a great laugh. The rules were simple to pick up after reading the instructions. This is always a part of our games nights and will be for a long time to come, given how quickly you can jump into a game." TheJDS97 on Board Game Geek

"Enjoying the rollercoaster ride of playing Attack of the Intergalactic Gherkins from @teleporthole bought yesterday at @UKGamesExpo. Twice I thought I'd won only to be thwarted by meteor showers. Finally made it to the sun, sling-shotting to another galaxy that's free from gherkins!" @antUnderwood on Twitter

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