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EGX Rezzed is coming soon and we just wanted to check in to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance for some crazy good times with Insane Robots and Playniac.

If you love robots, then Insane Robots is the card battling game for you. If you love insane robots struggling with existential questions and the meaning of life, then Insane Robots is REALLY for you.

Hate card battling games? Then we think it’s even more important that you book an appointment today. Here’s why: Insane Robots is card battling…HACKED! Find out how the developers at Playniac combined both digital and physical tabletop design-work to create a game that cuts to the heart of what makes card battling games fun.

Brought to you by the award-winning indie developer, Playniac, this charming rogue-like 2D strategy game is conserving all processing power for its upcoming presence at EGX Rezzed. In development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Insane Robots is all about fiendish robot battles to the death. Play online and local 1v1 battles with friends, or in randomly generated areas in the mammoth single player campaign mode.

We’ll have personalized game demos, on- and off-camera interview opportunities, and insane hugs for all. Direct feed video capture will also be available upon request.

For more information about Insane Robots, please visit the official website.

For a closer look at card battling…HACKED! gameplay, check out the EGX trailer today.


To secure a chance to experience heart-achingly beautiful robots in a world that has lost its mind, book an appointment today and skip all those lines by writing Let us know what days and times work best for you.

Details as follows for your scheduling purposes:

Who: Playniac, UK-based developer @ EGX Rezzed 2018

What: Insane Robots (scheduled for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year) 
- 1st hands-on preview / impressions 
- Single player and two-player will be featured / available on site, so bring a buddy!

Where: Come find us at the Tentacle Collective, located on the Ground Floor near the Rubber Road and Coatsink areas.  Be sure to download the EGX Rezzed app for a map of the show floor. Insane Robots will also be on show at the ID@Xbox booth on the ground floor, but please head to the Tentacle

Collective area for any scheduled appointments.  iOS users can download the app here. Android users can download the app here.

When: Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15
- Appointments to span 30 minutes, and available every hour half hour between 10:30am through 5pm (last appointment start time)

Additional: On- and off-camera interviews and direct feed available upon request, so please note when you RSVP. Press Kit will be provided during EGX Rezzed!

We’re looking forward to hearing back from you for some robot death duels with Insane Robots! In the meantime, please know if you have any follow up questions.

Thank you and see you soon at EGX Rezzed!

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