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Star Trek Adventures Command Supplement and Beta Quadrant Source Book have just been released! “Make it so,” with the Command Division Supplemental Rulebook, with a wealth of new material for characters in the command or conn departments. The Beta Quadrant Sourcebook gives an in-depth look at the quadrant the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire call home.

Also available for the Star Trek Adventures RPG is the three mission starter campaign A Star Beyond the Stars by Marco Rafalá, which guides GMs through the core rules, and introduces all aspects of the game, including basic Tasks and Challenges, as well as Social Conflict, Combat, and Starship Combat, plus a new standalone adventure, Ends and Means, by Troy Mepyans.

Legacy 2e Life Among the Ruins has been a smash hit and now five new Worlds of Legacy provide alternative settings and new frontiers for your Legacy games and  available from as part of the Legacy Collection, joined by a FREE + print-on-demand version of Non-Compliant, a brand new Quickstart for the Legacy 2e RPG.

Geek and Sundry called City of Mist "A pitch-perfect blend of superhero and noir tabletop RPG... The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust." Take the role of gritty detectives and city folk wielding mythical powers in this award-winning tabletop role-playing game. Investigate crimes committed by modern-day legends as you struggle to balance the legend inside you with your everyday life!

Explore Sarah Newton's sci-fi Mindjammer universe at a bargain price while donating money to a great cause? Sound good? Then you need this fantastic Bundle of Holding offer!

Pay just US$12.95 to get four titles in including the complete 500-page Mindjammer corebook, space exploration adventure The City People, the stunning Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic poster map, and Mindjammer – The Novel. Spend $22.95  and you’ll  get four more supplements and adventures worth an additional $51: three regional/cultural sourcebooks — Core Worlds , The Far Havens , and Children of Orion – The Venu Soucebook — along with the complete campaign adventure Hearts and Minds.  Ten percent of your payment (after costs) goes to the charity Vision Rescue which was chosen Sarah Newton and Modiphius' Chris Birch, who say, “Our goal is to raise US$20,000 for a Vision Rescue Bus, one of the projects the charity uses to help combat child slavery in India.”  You can support a worthy cause and make a real difference with this fantastic RPG bundle.

That's all from Modiphius for now, but look out for more great releases and offers coming soon!

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