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Hyperwars: Cyberpunk Like You’ve Never Experienced It Before

On Kickstarter in 2022. Estimated price: 39 USD.

Kickstarter Pre Launch:

Hyperwars is an innovative area-control board game in which 2-5 players take the role of large corporations vying for control of the harsh but vibrant city of Urbana, a metropolitan melting-pot housing millions of people from a variety of different cultures. Players employ agents to the city’s different districts, collect resources and utilize anything from cloning matrices to cybernetic implants in order to gain control and edge out the competition. So far, so “cyberpunk board game” - but here’s the kicker: the game has exactly one action round, played over five minutes, in real time.

This twist means that Hyperwars is an area control game defined by frantic action and split-second decisions rather than ponderous, drawn-out strategy - much more accurately capturing the thrill and pulse of a living city where you have to think on your feet and go with your gut. 

Hyperwars is brought to you by Dice Coalition Games and designer Fabricio Leotti. This is Leotti’s first release on Kickstarter, though he has two decades as designer and dozens of games behind him. The game already garnered attention at the UKGE19 TabletopGamesExpo and has been thoroughly playtested by over five hundred people. 

The vibrant and electric game feel of Hyperwars is reflected in the colourful depictions of Urbana, brought to life by artist Nikolas Hook. Hook’s boold vision of the city is one of striking primary colours and powerful contrasts - though it is by no means garish, as the game shares a finely balanced palette that is striking and easy to read without being harsh on the eyes. 

The same keen sharpness that defines both the gameplay and the art is found throughout the production: Hyperwars is the product of a lot of love, packing a big experience into a short time span and a small box - as easy to fit on the shelf or take along as it is to fit the 10-15 minute game length into your schedule. 

The World of Urbana

Urbana is a huge and overwhelming city in all its intensity. Its streets throb with millions of people from different cultures, multiple ethnicities, languages ​​and dialects who experience joy and despair, triumph and defeat, beauty and disappointment every day.

Born from one person's dreams, it ended up becoming the reality of many. Founded to be a unique city, Urbana was designed to be independent, self-sufficient and self-sustainable. Each of its Districts was designed with a unique purpose, like cogs in a perfect machine.

Even after the fall of the old leaders and the arrival of the Big Five – the name by which the five corporations fighting for control of Urbana are known – the city survives. But don't be fooled by the Big Five and their speeches. All of them seek total control of Urbana aiming to obtain sufficient strength to crush their competitors by any means, legal or illegal, even war.

In order to achieve their purpose, the Big Five are feeding the internal tensions of the Districts, putting them against each other. After all, the more divided the metropolis is, the easier it will be for business. As a way to further stir up the spirits of the residents of Urbana and, at the same time, profit and enlist more supporters for their fronts, corporations flood the streets with illegal technologies and prototypes of all kinds: restricted weapons; cybernetic implants that go beyond medical prostheses, advanced computer programs for attack and defense; biological improvements; and finally, cloning.

In the end, Urbana became an open-air laboratory, in which its residents are veiled guinea pigs and pawns in the war between the Big Five for control of the market.

Number of Players 2-5 players (plus solo mode)

Time Required: 10-15 minutes

Kickstarter Pre Launch:





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