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Take Up the Hunt in Hunter: The Reckoning!

It's a big day for Hunters all over the world! We've got a bevy of new info, including a dev blog, a book preview, the Character Sheet, and an announcement of our upcoming Hunter: The Reckoning Live Play Series, The Day Shift!

Justin Achilli, Creative Director on the World of Darkness, shared a dev blog with some excellent insights in to the life of Hunters! Check it out here!

We've released a preview of the Hunter: The Reckoning Core Rulebook, 5 pages answering the question, "What is the hunt?" Get it at the links below!

We're also excited to share the Hunter: The Reckoning character sheet! Download it now, and start brainstorming.

Last, but certainly not least, we're pleased to announce that The Day Shift, our Hunter: The Reckoning Live Play, will be starting May 18th at 6:30PM Pacific! Tune in on our Twitch channel and see the game in action!
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