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Games for the weird and wonderful! How Am I Weird Games is an indie game studio from London.

They are joining the UK Games Expo this year for the first time with two games: HOW AM I WEIRD and their new release ANGERSMASH. See them at Stand 2-369 for some gameplay and sweets!


Do you like chicken dancing? Sleeping in a curtain? Licking your TV screen? Have you dated your dog?

HOW AM I WEIRD is an easy-to-play party card game for grown-ups (and teens) who don't like being normal!

Pick your funniest Comeback card in response to quirky Life card situations. Countless combinations mean players can set any gameplay tone they want. Play it bad. Play it good. Play with style or a savage edge. It’s up to you!


How Am I Weird Games’ latest release ANGERSMASH is a strategic, set-building card game of bluff, theft and cooperation for ages 8+. Race to build matching sets of Anger and Zen cards while other players try their hardest to stop you. Use your BloodBoilers and Disruptor cards in devilish ways to weaken your opponents and achieve victory!


Be among the first to buy AngerSmash at Games Expo or on Amazon. For more information visit


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