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HISPA, the Spanish association of board games publishers will be attending UKGE 2017

The association was founded by 14 Spanish publishers and is open to new members.

• The publishers decided to combine their forces in order to internationally promote their own production games and get the recognition that the sector deserves.

• The first international events HISPA attended were, Festival International des Jeux 2017 in Cannes and Zuiderspel in Eindhoven.

As several Spanish publishers realized that the board games sector had to grow larger, and being convinced of the potential of the games produced in Spain, the decision was made to join forces in order to internationally promote the board games of the associated publishers. Brewing from 2015, HISPA eventually saw the light of day in February 2017. The association is seeking the recognition of the games sector and intends to collaborate with every agent involved in it.

The founding publishers are: Abba Games, Brain Picnic, CtrAltCreative, Devir, DMZ Games, Draco Ideas, Games 4 Gamers, GDM Games, GenX Games, Looping Games, Ludosentinel, Mont Tàber, Tranjis Games and Zacatrus!. This is not a closed list and the entity is open to the incorporation of all publishers who want to be part of it.

Its introduction to the international public took place at the Festival International des Jeux 2017, held in Cannes in February. The French public embraced the quality of Spanish production very positively and the professional sector of the neighbouring country highlighted this initiative that they will continue to follow closely. This good acceptance was confirmed by the great reception received in the Netherlands during Zuiderspel fair in March.

HISPA will attend several fairs and events in Europe throughout 2017, among which you'll find: UK Games Expo (June 2nd-4th), Paris est Ludique (June 24th-25th) and Brussels Games Festival (August 26th-27th).

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