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From the creators of HârnWorld    HIGH COLONIES

Hard Science-Fiction Roleplaying
The Earth is no More! Ravaged by nuclear and biological warfare, Earth is now a barren wasteland. Remnants of humanity are scattered on space stations throughout the solar system. Once the brightest achievements of progress, now, the High Colonies are the last hope for humanity.

From the creators of the HârnWorld fantasy RPG, comes the realistic role-playing game of hard science fiction. High Colonies places an emphasis on science and accuracy in this setting about the future of the human race.
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Start YOUR Campaign  for President!
The game of political intrigue in the USA for 2-6 players. POTUS covers the political campaigns from Roosevelt to Trump.

With over 350 real-world event cards that will change the complexities of the world each time you play! (and even more cards to be added during the Kickstarter campaign!)
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