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Flash career at Animal Inc.

Our beastly good card game Animal Poker will be published at HeidelBAER Games this winter: it is now available for pre-order in our shop or at retail stores in Central Europe. For EU-wide enquiries you can mail us directly too. With its animal protagonists, Animal Poker comes with funny fresh artwork of the animalistic main characters.

Animal Poker media page   Animal Poker news article

Thanks to the selection of animals and their sophisticated presentation, these create a great atmosphere, while you play the game in good company. In this fun to play card game you won’t go from dishwasher to millionaire, but from intern to CEO. 

 Animal Poker   Animal Poker product page

  Did you know?

Our ingenious card game Blaze for 3-5 players from 10 years and up will be released this september. Blaze is based on the Russian card game classic "Durak". We well inform you shortly in another press release about it! 

If you are interested in the game, pls. get directly in touch with us! For US media, pls. sign up for the upcoming release only after the actual game release of BLAZE !     Blaze media page

Animal Poker news article


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