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HeidelBÄR Games at GenCon22: Booth 1558 exhibitor hall - we are looking for demonstrators urgently

HeidelBÄR Games

55 - 44 - 33 in 22 + 11! 

GenCon55 is coming and we are happy to announce, that HeidelBAER Games of Germany is taking part for the first time ever. 

Originally founded 33 years ago and a former longtime partner of FFG, Gencon Indy in '22 will be the first time we will attend as ourselves with our newly formed company. 

As the new HeidelBAER Games company, we have newly released 11 games since our re-establishmend as a global brand three years ago. 

Believe it or not - this is the exact number of new games we will show as US-release at GenCon in Indianapolis in August at our booth No. 1558 in the exhibit hall this year.

Three is also a magic number in this emailing to you: as we are still looking for 3 helpers if possible and we ask for your help to find them! 

If you know somebody or somebody who knows somebody who is coming to GenCon55 and would like to demonstrate especially our new card games to the people, pls. don't hesitate to get in touch and I will give you all necessary information. Infos below*  

Don't worry about the orga: our demo people will be handled by an experienced US-team!

If you are attending GenCon55 yourself, pls. feel free to pop bye our booth or make an appointment, if you want to have a longer demonstration. Pls. feel free to contact me! 

Thank you for your support in advance, all the best, Michael Kränzle, Head of Marketing

P.S.: It is possible to set up video calls upfront thru discord or other channels. 

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HOW IT WORKS: shifts are broken down into 4 and 8 hour shifts with 15 extra minutes (all paid) for changeovers. Of course, you receive breaks, too! 15 minutes for a 4 hour shift and 30 minutes for an 8 hour shift. You will be assigned 2-4 card games for your shift, as one game is played very quickly and should be easy and a pleasure to teach.  

WHAT YOU GET In addition to pay you will also receive: badge for the convention, demo copy of the game, t-shirt to wear on the floor, and probably some other cool swag! 

COVID POLICY No matter the policy of the convention we attend, updated vaccination is required for entrance and masks are required at all times. We want to make sure we’re keeping everyone as safe as possible..

Please mail me! 

Do you know our discord?

Become part of our steadily growing HeidelBÄR Games Community on discord!  Here you can get in touch with us directly and without a filter. Join us! 

HeidelBAER discord

SPICY card game - reprint 2022 

  • Big Cats and Hot Bluffing - multiply awarded
  • For friends of teasing, bluffing and spicy gaming
  • 2-6 players, 15 minutes, 10 years and up

14,99 $



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