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Boo! Do you know how you spend Halloween?

Probably the scariest time of the year begins and creepy characters of all kinds are wreaking havoc across the country. Are you already prepared for ghosts, vampires and skeletons? 

We wish you a lot of fun with a creepy game evening! And if you feel like it, you should also take part in our Halloween raffle on our interactive portal at ! 

The HeidelBÄRen definitely are and have put together a selection of eerily beautiful games for you. You can buy all the games in specialist shops!

NEU: Similo Halloween   10,95€

Attention: You can not only pre-order Similo Halloween in our shop, but also at your trusted dealer. Relive Halloween later with the hilarious pictures of Naiade!

 More information about SIMILO HALLOWEEN

TO BITE: Vampire Vendetta   32,45€

More information about VAMPIRE VENDETTA

TO COLLECT: Anansi   14,95€

More information about ANANSI

DOWN TO THE TRAP: Trapwords    19,95€

More information about TRAPWORDS

Yes Lord and Master Green Edition

LISTEN TO THE BOSS: Yes, Lord and Master   17,95€

More information about YES HERR AND MASTER

NOT LISTENED ?? Yes, Lord and Master    17,95€

More information about YES HERR AND MASTER

SHEAR IN PORTUGUESE: Caretos     39,95€

More information about CARETOS

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