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Dear players! 

Even if the external circumstances in many places may prevent us from playing together in mixed groups - we don't want to let the desire to play in autumn be taken away: many small and large conventions digitally organize digital interaction - and we are also there this weekend: On the one hand, we have simply extended our game evening to this weekend.We are guests at DREIEICHCON WORLD (and at the same time at the BGG @ Home in the USA, by the way) Last but not least, we have the free download of the solo and 2 players -Rules for ANANSI made available for download on the website - you can also find additional solo rules for some of our partner games there.


Our addon rule for ANANSI is online! Depending on the current situation, our add-on rule allows you to play in pairs or solo instead of 3-5 players. A rule variant for a longer game is also included in the add-on rule.



For some time now, our digital game night has been taking place on Discord every Tuesday and Thursday - we have now extended this to this weekend too - so if you fancy a round of e.g. THE LOST RUINS OF ARNAK or just want to play something sociable, come by, we are there for you! 












Come to DREIEICHCON WORLD and take part in many rounds of our games and those of our partners CZECH GAMES EDITION, HORRIBLE GUILD, MEBO GAMES and more on Discord. 


Our card game SPICY is also popular in the USA - now it has received the DiceTower SEAL OR APPROVAL. 


For all night owls, we are active at BGG @ home this weekend and are also running a full program there - game rounds and our last live stream on the main stage tonight. If you can't sleep, if you want to get to know people to play internationally, you've come to the right place! 














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