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Party game Headsnatchers heading to Nintendo Switch

How many puns with heads can you come up with?

Ah, November🍂. Leaves fall, temperature drops, parties move indoors. A perfect opportunity to gather your friends around the couch for a cozy night of silly fun with Headsnatchers, coming to Nintendo Switch™, November 2019.  
DISCLAIMER: Friendships may be forever ruined.  Grab your bat, smack a friend’s head and flush it down the toilet!

With up-to 4 players joining the fun locally or online, Headsnatchers lives up to its name: Snatch your opponent’s head off their shoulders and become the king of the party in 4 game modes and 25 unique levels to choose from.

Feeling introverted on a cold November day?
Try beating the Zombie Castle in single-player mode, which turns the mayhem into a spooky platformer! It sure is tricky to become the head-master of the undead.

You can choose from 100+ heads, all equally loony and random OR you can create your own mad-hat with the ‘Headitor’, the custom head creator.
Pretty a-head of its time, right?!

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