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Megapop Games have announced a new launch window today for their rougelite action deck builder with a PVP twist, Haxity, headed for Steam Early Access on June 17 priced at $12.99.

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“After another successful beta weekend, it’s clear to both us and the players that we have a fantastic PvP experience in store. We also recognise it's important for us to deliver a good single-player card gaming experience for all roguelite and deckbuilder fans out there. For us to deliver this at the level of quality we feel our game and our players deserve, we’ve decided to delay Haxity’s launch by a few weeks to allow us to add the final polish and improvements needed” says Jørgen Tharaldsen, Megapop Games’ CEO “Our testers have provided invaluable feedback, for which we are truly grateful, and have every intention of putting to good use to make Haxity the best experience it can be for our players and how we envisioned it to be when we launch”

Slay the Spire meets Street Fighter in this roguelite action card battler with a twist, in which all players have access to the same cards. At its core, Haxity is a card game, but it has the feel of a classic fighter title where your own punches, kicks and cybernetics dictate the flow of battle, making it the first PVP deck builder of its kind.

Haxity offers two game modes: Versus and Campaign. In Versus matches, players are pitted against a matchmade opponent or can challenge friends to an intense one-on-one match. Players will select their fighter, their starter deck and draft different cards, hacks and mods between each battle. Haxity’s roguelite campaign mode allows players to further explore the possibilities of deckbuilding all while deep diving into the world of Haxity.
Players can wishlist the game now on Steam for all the latest updates on Haxity. They can also join the Haxity community on Discord, where they can connect with the developers.

Founded by former Funcom and Artplant developers, Megapop is located in Oslo, Norway. Many on the core team on ‘Haxity’ have worked as leads on a range of prominent and genre-bending games, such as The Secret World, Age of Conan, The Longest journey, Dreamfall, Battlestar Galactica Online, Anarchy Online, Project IGI, Trolls vs Vikings and many others! The developers in Megapop have a deep passion for card games, and it’s this passion players get to dip into with ‘Haxity’!

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