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Hail HRH

Well its been another momentous year for HRH, were virtually sold out of every HRH 2018 event and we feel it would be a nice thought to pay back the Love, by giving you and some mates / family a nice Xmas present from us here @ the HRH Ibiza HQ.

At the moment we have the following weekend tickets left for next year, so rather than sell them, were going to give them to our loyal DC n Vets as an early Xmas present to show you all what HRH Love is all about.

I've skimped n scraped to try n get a sack together, even nicked back AMG’s small allocation they had left as we had sold out of ours and this is what we have


HRM Metal                                      44

HRH Blues                                      26

HRH Sleaze                                    14

HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner             83

Sci Fi & Fantasy Weekender 9        63


So thats our Santa's Sack of Rock & Fantasy or whats left, what happens now is that if your an Active DC or HRH Veteran, we would like to invite you to pick any 4 tickets of your choice which you can claim absolutely free on us. The only thing we ask is that you cover the booking fee.

These tickets are all worth 39 / 99 GBP each so thats a 200 quid present on us at least, to you & your family at this special time of the year.

We really feel touched and humbled by the support you’ve shown us over the last 11 years, so please accept this as a personal thank you at this Festive time of the year and Rock Free on us.

This will happen on the Thursday 7th December and will be available for 48 hours only, all you need to do is go onto which ever event ticket page you want to attend, fill it out and add in this promo code


Which will knock out all the cost apart from the booking fee.

Obviously its all subject to availability (I'm sorry there isn't more but its just all Sold Out) ,so if you fancy a nice xmas pressie, get in early, codes will be active from 11.00 am GMT Thursday.

We expect it all to go early as I can't remember anyone ever doing anything like this, but its from the heart, so take advantage very very quickly, when its gone its gone.

Have a Rock n Roll Xmas

Fleur, Rebecca, Maika, Jess, Dan & Jonni

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