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Seven days until Wiggy turns 50! That means our tame scribe has spent 20% of his life working at TAG. We can't let this milestone slip past unnoticed, so keep an eye out for a special edition of TAG Talk this coming Monday.

UK Games Expo is just 15 days away! Over three hectic days we'll be demoing and selling our new products. This week we look a little deeper into the raucous fun that is Dwarven Beerfest.

Dwarven Beerfest


Dr. Six-Toes

Dr. Six-Toes isn't a real doctor, but he does have six toes. Six toes in total. A hardy lumberjack working for the Argonshire Clan, the "doc" is about as clumsy as a bull in a china shop.
Once he's had a tipple of his favorite brew - Short & Stout - he hacks away without much thought of where his axe lands. After accidentally four of his own toes, his fellow dwarfs nicknamed him Doctor.

drinks cards

The Game

There are four dwarfs in the game, each of which has a double-sided character card - one side representing them sober and the reverse side when they're drunk. The quantity of drinks you can take depends entirely on the sobriety of your dwarf and this dictates the dice you roll during the next drinking round. A sober dwarf can imbibe up two drinks each round, whereas once he's drunk he's limited to a single drink.

Once all the dwarfs have taken their drinks, the player "buying the round" rolls all the dice. Players then compare the results of the two dice that match their chosen quantity of drinks and their state of sobriety. The result is compared to the player's total drinks value - score equal to or above that value and you quaff your drinks. Fail and you either become drunk or, if already drunk, you barf your stomach contents up.

We'll be running demonstrations all weekend, some come and join the fun at stand 1-102.




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