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Calling all fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, classic LucasArts adventure games, or the 1990s cartoon Blazing Dragons: Guard Duty is coming to Steam on May 2, and you're going to like it!

This "Pythonesque" comedy adventure spans two radically different time periods -- the cobbled streets of medieval Wrinklewood and the future dystopia of Neo London -- replete with cheeky humor, stylized cartoon pixel art, and a story that blurs the lines between fantasy and sci-fi.

Guard Duty will launch May 2 on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $9.99 / £7.19 / €8.19.


About Guard Duty
Tondbert, loyal Guard to the Castle of Wrinklewood, is having a rough day. A little too much ale at the local pub, a lapse in judgment, and the next thing you know a hooded figure has slipped into the kingdom and kidnapped the princess -- an event that will have consequences well into the future.

A thousand years later, in a small orbital station, Agent Starborn is a member of a resistance group embarking on a last ditch effort to overthrow evil and take back the Earth -- a quest rooted in the depths of history.

Discover how these two playable characters' fates are intertwined and you might just save humanity in the process.





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