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What is a GRIMWASH? GRIMWASH is a miniature wash paint service we are offering for the first time on selected Everrain miniature products. It is a wash that highlights and accentuates all of the wonderful details on the miniatures and is applied during the production of the game by our manufacturer, Ningbo Eastar Manufacturing.

GRIMWASH can be selected NOW as an add-on in The Everrain pledge manager up until 00.00 GMT on Friday 3rd July 2020.

The service is limited to two pledge levels only: The Seafarer Pledge (£27)  and The Seafarer and Flood bundle (£38). Purchasers must have already purchased these items in order to select the GRIMWASH service. 




What are my options?
We’re offering 2 options; the standard Seafarer pledge with GRIMWASH and the Seafarer and Flood Bundle add on with GRIMWASH. We will not be offering this service to individual expansions as we need to keep the process as streamlined as possible to avoid delays. The  Seafarer pledge includes the core game, Twilight Flood and Undertow of Madness add ons, and the KS exclusive crew members totalling over 60 miniatures that will be GRIMWASHED if you select this service. The Seafarer and Flood bundle includes all of the above as well as the Torrent of Rebellion, Abyssal Tides and Old One add ons totalling over 80 miniatures, 

How much does it cost?
To apply GRIMWASH service to the Seafarer pledge only the cost is £27/$34 and for the Seafarer Pledge and Flood bundle it is £38/$48. 

How do I purchase?
1) Sign into your Gamefound account
2) Click on the person (my account) icon on the top right-hand side of the screen
3) Select backed project from the drop-down list
4) Select The Everrain & click on view orders
5) Click on ‘Actions’ (the three vertical dots image) related to your order
6) Select Add items to your order
7) Choose 'Seafarer Pledge GRIMWASH' or ‘Seafarer Pledge & Flood Bundle GRIMWASH'
8) Proceed to checkout, pay and submit order

Will I have to pay further shipping costs if I add this service?
NO as this is a service rather than a product and does not add any weight to your shipping package. 




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