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The sequel to Champions of Midgard is humming along on Kickstarter, unlocking a number of stretch goals already wins SUPERHOT: The Card Game ([UNIQID])

** Reavers' Journey Starting Strong
It's only been a week since we launched Reavers of Midgard on Kickstarter ([UNIQID]) and things have gone very well so far! So far we've already:

- Unlocked 8 stretch goals, including exclusive Reaver, Sea Journey and Sea Battle cards

- Announced French, Spanish and Portuguese editions of the game

- Put up a stretch goal to add GameTrayz storage trays to all Kickstarter editions of the game

If you love Champions of Midgard, we're confident you won't want to miss out on the campaign for this standalone title, which ends in a little less than two weeks on 11/20. Check out Man vs. Meeple's preview below![UNIQID]

** BGG.Con
If you're going to be at BGG.con in Dallas next week, come on by and say hi! We'll have a copy of Reavers of Midgard out for demo in our booth and a number of games and promos available for purchase. We'll also be looking to play a bunch of games with other folks, so if it's off hours, don't be shy. Speaking of playing games....

** Behind the Fox: Game Night

St. Louis has one of the best gaming communities you'll find anywhere and we're happy to do our part to help build it. A big part of that is opening our doors to the public on Tuesdays to host a weekly game night.

We have our own games available, including games we're testing for the future, but we also have plenty of the hottest games from other fine companies out on the tables. This week we brought back Blackout: Hong Kong from Essen, the lastest from designer Alexander Pfister.

On top of that, thanks to J.R. Honeycutt with Restoration Games, we now have a copy of the amazing Fireball
Island set up on one of our tables (I don't think it's going to be going anywhere anytime soon).

Come join the Facebook group ([UNIQID]) if you're interested in coming out on Tuesdays!

** Mystery Contest Revealed
For the past couple of months we've mentioned a mysterious, perhaps ominous, contest that we needed your mailing addresses for. Now it's time to reveal the mystery!

This contest is what we're calling the Random Acts of Grey Fox contest.... #RandomFox for short. This was inspired by our chief noisemaker, Alex, giving random gifts like a mint plant to his girlfriend.

Here's how it works... Each month we're picking four winners to send truly random prizes out to. This month, it was a set of belated Halloween masks, a rainbow ukulele, a wrestler and an inflateable pong set. Last month, we included the season 1 DVD set of Pimp My Ride.

But those are just the small prizes. Anyone who receives a #RandomFox gift is entered in for the grand prize....
This is a Lestrade Game Topper bundle, which has a retail value of $700. One lucky newsletter subscriber who already received a #RandomFox prize will get one for their gaming home.

We're going to be running the contest for the next several months, so there's still plenty of time to enter. If you haven't already, you can send your physical mailing address here. (

** Behind the Sloth: C&C Update
Our first Social Sloth Games title, Creatures and Cupcakes is very nearly finished at the manufacturer and we're definitely pleased with some of the tweaks that have been made ahead of the final version. These are the new, fully translucent cupcakes that are being included. We're in a big push to make sure we can get these to backers in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed!
Thanks for your continuing support for Grey Fox Games! Keep it tuned here for the latest news as well as exclusive discounts and giveaways.

Until next time, play on!

Shane, Josh & Alex

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