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Green Game: Timeswapper launches on Nintendo Switch on the 17th of November! 

Red Game Without a Great Name, Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder and Serial Cleaner are next in line. All of them will be available on Nintendo Switch by the end of this year. 

iFun4All S.A., a Polish indie development studio from Krakow is pleased to inform that Green Game: Time Swapper will on Nintendo Switch on the 17th of November! Lately, we have also informed that Serial Cleaner, our latest title, as well our older titles: Red Game Without a Great Name and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder will be also coming to Switch in Q4 2017. 

The motto of the marketing campaign for Red Game and Green Game is „Steampunk Offensive coming to Nintendo Switch.” Millions of fans of steampunk around the world are waiting for smart and fun steampunk-themed games, crafted perfectly for Nintendo Switch. We’re here to fill this gap! Red Game Without a Great Name and Green Game: Timeswapper started on iOS and the are great when it comes to playing when you’re travelling or simply on the run. 

Green Game: Timeswapper is a challenging 2D arcade game, in which you are a master of time. Set it to past, present or future to control various mechanisms, and make sure that a mechanical bird will safely reach the end of the level. Prepare to die a lot – you will be sliced, squashed and crushed. Please watch the game's PEGI/ESRB trailer:  Green Game: Timeswapper is available on PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), iOS, Android and PS VITA.

Red Game Without a Great Name is a challenging 2D arcade game where you play as a mechanical bird traversing a hostile Steampunk world. Your only means of survival is your ability to teleport, use it wisely! The game features sixty carefully designed levels, all soaked in atmospheric shades of red, giving it a beautiful and unique look. Make your way through the hostile world by using your uncanny power of teleportation. Just click on the bird, hold, and direct it to its destination. Avoid spikes, barbed wire and windmill blades. Pick up temporary power-ups giving you invincibility, the power to crush crumbled walls, or a speed boost. And it’s just the beginning... Please watch the game's ESRB trailer: Red Game Without a Great Name launched on iOS first, than the game was ported to PC (Windows, MAC OS, Linux), PS Vita and Android. 

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