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JP Games, creators of the first ever official video game of the Paralympics ‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’, is celebrating the close of the Paralympics which led to a 5~10x increase in daily downloads .  

The Pegasus Dream Tour was designed as an accessible way to interact with the global sporting event, celebrate its message of positivity and inclusivity, while giving players a space to congregate in a virtual world and share in their love of the Paralympics. This has been especially important in a year like no other - with fans unable to travel to or attend the games in person.  

Originally launched in June 2021, the game has seen a five to ten increase in daily downloads over the last two weeks as a direct result of crossovers and live events tying into the real-life games. From virtual concerts featuring Japanese music icons, real Paralympian avatars, interactive quests, official in-game Parasports Grand Prix and highlight screenings from the real world event, ‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ has created a new, accessible way for the public to interact with the major sporting event. 

Bringing the sound of Japan to phones across the world, the ‘Avatar Gala Party’ is a free virtual concert series that saw interactive gigs from huge names in J-Pop from Tokyo Gegegay, Virtual Dreams Come True and the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen legend, Pikotaro.

Running in line with the Paralympic games the ‘Pegasus Parasports Grand Prix’, the largest official tournament, ran from August 25th to Sunday September 5th. Players were able to take part in competitive virtual parasport matches across 5 events and live out their own Paralympic dreams with in-game medals awarded based on the total points earned during the competition.

Further synchronising with the real-world event, daily highlights were screened in the centre of the virtual city along with in-game breaking news bulletins to keep players up to date with all the nail-biting action in Tokyo.

As the final event in the ‘Avatar Gala Party’ series, J-Pop vocal and dance group J Soul Brothers III from Exile Tribe will be taking to the Pegasus City stage on the 19th September. As with past events, fans can now take part in an RPG-style story line in the lead up to the concert to help build the in-game venue. Tune in on the 19th September at 11am, 6pm or 11pm (all times in Japan Standard Time) to witness the finale of the Avatar Gala Party! 

For fans reeling from the action of the Paralympics and wanting to know more about its stars, 9 para-athletes’ stories can still be enjoyed as quests within the game. Players can interact with medallist’s avatars including Holly Robinson (Javelin Gold medallist) and Hirose Takayuki (Boccia Bronze medallist).






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