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Heed the voice of The Archive, for its edict guides The Harbinger farther into The Ash to reclaim all that was lost. Developer Laser Guided Games and design studio Hollow Earth Inc. continue the episodic story campaign that adds new content to both single- and multiplayer modes of dark fantasy real-time strategy game (RTS) Golem Gates with Book II of The Harbinger’s story of redemption, which unlocks on February 28, 2018. 


Book II of The Harbinger’s story follows him as he searches for a way to end the corrupting force known as the Unbound. But a new and more powerful enemy awaits him, stronger than he’s ever faced. By harnessing the power of The Ash to construct an army of ever-evolving golems, The Harbinger must overcome what awaits him.

This major content update goes beyond expanding Golem Gates’ single-player campaign by also adding new Trials, two new maps (one each for Competitive and Survival modes) and collectible Glyphs. 

Golem Gates is an original concept strategy game from talent that helped craft the Gears of War franchise and Unreal Tournament while at Epic Games, and the concept design studio behind major feature films that include The Avengers, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Black Panther. Golem Gates blends elements of RTS and card battlers by having players collect cards (called Glyphs) to strategically weave them into a deck before confronting enemies with their legion of summonable golems in real-time tactical battles. This streamlined management system keeps players focused on the action and advancing their units to destroy the opposition.

Golem Gates is available for Windows PC through Steam Early Access for an early adopter price of $19.99 at The complete game emerges from Early Access on March 28, 2018.

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