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Hi everyone! Gene here

Here at the GMT Warehouse, we just completed shipping our 2nd Fall batch of P500 games out to you (that's now 12 games shipped out since early October). As we prepare to ship NINE more titles in about two weeks (three new P500 games and six reprints), the office and warehouse is quiet now, as I gave everyone the Thanksgiving week off to rest and spend time with family. Looking back on what they have endured and accomplished over the past 18 months, they've certainly earned it.

So, don't worry if no one picks up the phone when you call or if your chat requests go unanswered this week. We're all fine. We're just having a short vacation this Thanksgiving week. The office folks will be back to work next Monday, November 29th, at 7 am Pacific time.

Before I go any further, I want to wish all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week a peaceful and joyous holiday! I hope you all get to share good times with family and friends and maybe even play a game or two!

Introducing Official GMT Merchandise! As I mentioned earlier this year, we have a GMT Merch Team that has been preparing an initial rollout of GMT-themed merchandise for you. The team has partnered with TeeSpring in order to create high-quality merchandise and keep all of the order fulfillment/shipping load off of our GMT office and warehouse folks (who have their hands full just shipping games!). Note that our GMT Merchandise store is located on the TeeSpring site, and ALL MERCHANDISE ORDERS AND FULFILLMENT ARE HANDLED BY TEESPRING, NOT BY GMT (so please don't try to order through or seek help from our office folks; they—for once—will have no idea how to help you).

The team is introducing GMT Merch to you this month with a limited selection of custom T-shirts, mugs, and stickers (posters coming soon). These feature game art or custom art from several of our artists and from the amazing Scott Mansfield, who takes all those beautiful photos of our games that you see on our website. Special thanks this month go to Luke Billingsley, Rachel Billingsley, Scott Mansfield, Mark Simonitch, and Terry Leeds, who all worked closely as part of the Merch team to bring you these initial items. The team's plan is to add to this mix—both in types of merchandise and games featured—on a monthly basis (as we have a LOT of games!). So we will have a note in each monthly update that lets you know about new Merch items that we're adding that month!

We appreciate your feedback on our poll earlier this year, and we have used it to create an interesting and very cool store full of high-quality GMT merchandise that will continue to grow. Below is a link to the new GMT Merch Store. We encourage you to check it out and add some GMT Merch items to your Christmas lists!

GMT Merchandise at TeeSpring!

New P500s. As part of this month's update, we are adding two new P500 games:

I, Napoleon
Plantagenet, Cousins' War for England, 1459-1485 

Please check out the "New P500 Additions" section below for more details on these games.

This Month's Box Back Sneak Peek. This month, we're going to give you TWO sneak peeks at the box backs for our upcoming Conquest & Consequence and Twilight Struggle: Red Sea. Enjoy!

GMT One - Jason Carr. As we round out 2021 and head into the Holidays, it's amazing to see how much Solitaire gaming has continued to be at the front and center of many folks' minds this year. Whether by choice or by chance, many of us have had solo gaming sessions occupy the majority of our table time. While it's encouraging and exciting that many have been able to resume face-to-face gaming, solo gaming has always been a part of our hobby and will continue to be a major part going forward.

Two updates from the GMT One team this month:

First, on the Fields of Fire front, our rulebook team has made a lot of progress towards the third edition ruleset. We have recruited several very experienced players to help navigate the complexity of the rules, and the team spent a few months compiling a comprehensive list of all unanswered questions and clarifications needed, as well as finding all the rulings Ben has made on Boardgamegeek, Consimworld, Facebook, and in personal correspondence (as far as possible). Then, we turned those documents into lists of questions for Ben, which he is dutifully and carefully answering. The output from those documents will be used to flesh out and refine the third edition rules and the support documents which will include more information about how to get started with Fields of Fire.

Second, Ken Kuhn has been hard at work finalizing the materials for the CDG Solo System. This will go to the printer soon, and as promised, we will be releasing a print and play version of the system for anyone who wants to craft it. Stuka Joe's work in creating a community of gamers is not something that we wanted to co-opt, so it was important to us that GMT One gives this system back to the community that created it. Of course, I think the custom die and professionally printed playsheets are a great reason to buy the system (the fact that it is only $14 on P500 is another great reason!). Ken is already working on selecting the games that will go into the next set of playsheets, so please let us know if there's anything you would like to see...yes, C&C: Napoleonics is on the list!

Next month, we have a special surprise for you all, as a way of celebrating one year of GMT One! - Jason
Mark Herman's Pacific War Unboxing Video. For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the GMT version of Pacific War, Mark has his advance copy of the game and has recently posted an Unboxing Video—showing all the game's components—online. Check it out here!
Out of Stock Reprints. One of the difficulties we've faced during the 2nd half of 2021 has been EIGHT of our Top Ten All-time Best-Selling games being sold out and unavailable for purchase during this time. And those aren't the only games sold out. One of the downsides of having our best-ever sales year in 2020 and great sales to start this year is that we sold out of a LOT of games, many of them either best-sellers or core games in a system that expansions relied on. Of course, the four-month hiatus in being able to get games shipped due to supply chain and shipping issues made this all worse for us, until early October.

As you can see from the shipments in October and November, and from the composition of the P500 games shipping out in our next batch in December, we're addressing this problem as quickly as we can by getting plenty of those out of stock games to the printer in addition to new P500s. But it's going to take a little time to get them all back in stock because neither print slots nor excess cash reserves are unlimited.

We just want you to know—ESPECIALLY for those games that are core games in a series upon which other products depend—that we're going to do our best to make sure that we get those games back in stock by the time the next games/expansions in their series are available. We may have to print them concurrently with the expansions, but we'll do everything we can to make sure that those core games like SpaceCorp (which should be back in stock next month), The Last Hundred YardsTank DuelFire in the Lake, and Combat Commander: Europe are back in stock by the time we print the next expansions or games in the series that would depend on the base game for components or rules.

Thanks for your patience as we restock both best-sellers and core series games over the coming year.
Into the Woods Components Sneak Peak. Here's a look at the components in our upcoming Into the Woods: The Battle of Shiloh, by designer Dick Whitaker. Enjoy!

Playtesters/Help Wanted! On an ongoing basis, I'll use this section to let you know which of our design teams currently need extra testers. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the team members for the game you are interested in at the links below. We greatly appreciate you helping us test our games and make them better! Thank you!

An Illustrated Preview of Conquest & Consequence! For those of you who are looking forward to designer Craig Besinque's Conquest & Consequence (a Pacific-theater follow-on to Triumph & Tragedy), I want to point you to a most excellent preview article in InsideGMT by the game's developer, Simon Macdonald. It's filled with full-color photos of the game's final components as well as plenty of information about game play. If you are at all interested in this game that should be shipping out to you in the December batch, we invite you to check out Simon's Preview article. ------------Counter Trays are Back in Stock! Get them while they last! Order here:
GMT Counter Trays (Sets of 10)

Also, for those of you who like to order those 2" and 3" big sturdy game boxes, those are back in stock as well:
2" Deep Heavy Duty White Game Box
3" Deep Heavy Duty White Game Box

------------Check out this Cutting-Edge VASSAL Module from Brian Reynolds! The brilliant Brian Reynolds has again created something awesome for fans of GMT Games, especially for those who like Volko's Levy and Campaign series. Brian's newest creation is a VASSAL module for Volko's upcoming Almoravid (set to ship to customers in January). The module will be available to the public in January as the game ships,but Volko was so impressed by how automated and user-friendly Brian made this module that
he wrote a detailed sneak peek preview for all of you on InsideGMT. Check that out when you get a chance. In the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots from Brian's module:
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Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT Games! Enjoy the games! - Gene

New P500 Additions. We have three exciting new games to add to our P500 list this time, as well as two P500 Reprints that we want to get back in stock! 

I really enjoy historical games that give me at least some "you are there" roleplaying flavor. This first P500 addition for November is a new game from Ted Raicer that does this in spades! Ted has created an innovative new solo boardgame that uses cards, history, and a lot of cool choices to immerse you into the life of "Captain Bonaparte" and the story of France starting in 1793 (or later, if you choose to begin play as First Consul or as Emperor). With multiple scenarios and all kinds of variable branches and endings, this eminently replayable game allows you to experience France through the eyes of an ambitious young officer who may become one of the greatest European field generals in history.

In I, Napoleon, the choices you make combine with the cards you are dealt to determine success or failure. You will have to manage politics, military campaigns, diplomacy, and the domestic well-being of the French while pursuing the Glory that lures you on. You will also have to manage your family, your wives, your mistresses, and your children, legitimate and otherwise. It's all in there! I didn't realize it until Ted first told me about the design, but this is the solitaire game about Napoleon that I've been waiting to play! Enjoy!

Click the link or the banner below for more details
I, Napoleon
Our second new P500 addition today is the newest game in Volko's Levy & Campaign series. Usually, "a new game in one of Volko's series" is enough for me, but this time it's a game about the War of the Roses! I love this description from the P500 page - which tells me just about all I need to know to be certain I'm going to really enjoy Plantagenet.

"In Plantagenet—the newest volume in Volko Ruhnke's Levy & Campaign Series—players lead one of the two factions across the three main periods of war, as individual scenarios or the entire Wars of the Roses.

Designer Francisco Gradaille adds overall and local political influence to Volko’s medieval operation system to reflect the ever-changing loyalties of the time while keeping play familiar to fans of the Series. Players will create and maintain a network of allied lords and nobles in order to obtain the provender and coin needed to supply and pay their armies. As ravaging and looting will damage each side’s reputation, each faction will strive to convince cites to join its side. Great battles will seek to kill or capture enemy lords—perhaps even a king. Two kinds of operational moves will be in play: the military and the political.

In the end, when the dust settles and all arrows have flown, one rose will sit on the throne. White or Red, York or Lancaster, gather your troops and banners and join the fight."

 Click the banner below for more details!
Plantagenet: Cousins' War for England, 1459-1485 

New P500 Reprint Additions. 
A Distant Plain, 4th Printing
P500 Expansions/Upgrades/Mounted Maps. None this time.
P500 Removals. It's clear from the long drought in P500 orders for Roads to Leningrad, 2nd Printing that there just isn't much demand for this game from our customers. So we have let Vance know that we are immediately removing it from our P500 Reprint list. We now have no plans to reprint this game. We're happy to work with Vance and other companies to help him find a good fit to get the game reprinted with another publisher.
Here is a brief tease for P500 additions lining up in the coming months. This month's new I, Napoleon is the game referred to in last month's clue of "A Napoleonic-themed game from Ted Raicer," and Plantagenet was teased last month as "Another new Levy & Campaign series game." Note that this is not a comprehensive list (nor will I preview EVERY game we have planned), so I will switch these up a bit from month to month. Over the coming 1-6 months, I anticipate that we will add:

Yearly Best-Sellers October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021 (Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)


The War Room at Dice Tower West: Mar 2-6, 2022

Are you headed to Dice Tower West (Las Vegas, NV) in March 2022? Attendance at Dice Tower West gives all badgeholders access to The War Room: a new and exclusive gaming space featuring 5 full days of teaching, demoing, and exploring historical board- and wargames. GMT Games is proud to be a sponsor and supporter of The War Room. We’ve teamed up with the organizers and instructors from the SDHistCon team and the Wargame Bootcamp to make this gaming space a big hit with both veteran wargamers and newcomers as well (watch our recent livestream with both of these teams!). GMT sees The War Room as the perfect opportunity to reach out to everyone with an interest in historical boardgaming, and we have high hopes that even more new players will be starting their journey along with us. If this sounds good to you, please come to Dice Tower West and visit us in The War Room; I’ll be there along with several GMT designers and developers teaching, demoing, and playing lots of wargames. Registration is still open, but badges are selling out quickly. Be sure and grab one while you can!

Save the Date for GMT East. April 1-3, 2022 in White Plains, NY. From Andy Lewis: "GMT East - The plan is to be back in 2022. The dates are April 1 to 3 with some space available on the evening of the 31st as usual. The hotel is now a Sonesta, but it’s still the same building and rooms as we’ve had in the past. To be on the safe side, we’re not opening pre-reg until the middle of January. Hope to see you all back again, and newcomers are welcome."













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