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This week in GTA Online, players can earn Double Rewards across all Rockstar Created and Verified Stunt Races along with a double boost on Salaries for Bodyguards & Associates. 

Players also receive a 40% discount on a range of items including Nightclubs and underground Facility properties used for hosting Doomsday Heists, the Benefactor Terrorbyte mobile command unit, and much more.

Please see below for further details, including information on this week’s Premium Races and more. 

Stunt Race Bonuses & Maze Bank Foreclosure Deals in GTA OnlinePlus 2X Salaries for Bodyguards & Associates, Discounts & More 

Summer is in full swing and the sweet smell of hot asphalt and burning rubber is in the air. It's a glorious time to risk your life for cash at high speeds in Southern San Andreas, with all Rockstar Stunt Races currently dishing out Double Rewards - so buckle up, grip the steering wheel and keep your foot on the floor all the way to the bank. This includes all Rockstar created Stunt Races and Rockstar Verified Stunt Races

If the hustle and bustle of a nine-to-five isn't really your speed, maybe you're looking for something a little more exciting and lucrative. Squad up with a seasoned CEO as a Bodyguard or Associate to take on Business Battles, VIP Work, Sell Missions and more to earn Double Bodyguard & Associate Salaries. 

If there's any distinction between a petty crime streak and an established career criminal, it's a constellation of illicit real estate holdings. There are plenty of discounts to take advantage of in the property department this week - host Doomsday Heists from a sprawling underground Facility or cleanly funnel all of your revenue streams through a fully functioning Nightclub. A slew of other business properties are on sale as well as the Benefactor Terrorybyte and Mobile Operations Center, both of which unlock unique missions to take on with your crew. Starting today, take 40% off the following:

For all current special events, bonuses, discounts including this week’s lineup of Premium Races and more, visit the Social Club Events page.


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