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  Today we're really pleased to announce the release of the FREE Red Alert Rules for Star Trek Adventures, which brings exciting tabletop combat encounters to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game.

The Star Trek Adventures Red Alert beta rules are available on and we'll also be demoing Red Alert live at the weekend's Salute show at Excel in the UK, so come on down to Stand TK19, see the rules in action and pick yourself up an exclusive Noonien Singh Khan mini, with every Star Trek Adventures purchase! 


With Star Trek Adventures: Red Alert, your gaming group can add an exciting three-dimensional tactical experience to your RPG encounters. Now, Federation away teams can do battle against Klingon warriors, Romulan strike teams, Borg drones, or any number of other threats on far-flung worlds across the Galaxy.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of tabletop campaigns or a fresh-fromthe-academy redshirt, you’ll soon be controlling your own away team and battling over the fate of worlds or the entire Galaxy! This is a FREE PDF chapter of the Operations Division supplementary rulebook, for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game, and contains rules for miniatures combat.

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We hope you enjoy this latest Star Trek Adventures release and we'd love to hear any feedback after you've had a chance to play the game, so come visit our Star Trek Adventures page, where you'll find further details on all aspects of the game including the free Living Campaign.

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