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Are you ready to kick some capacitor and go on a robot wrecking spree? Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge — the chaotic four-player local and online co-op robot action game from independent development studio Rikodu — is now available on Steam! 

In Frankie’s Revenge, players build “Frankie bots” — basically, junk collectors turned into hilarious warriors! By mixing and matching dozens of wacky parts (for hundreds of combinations), players tune their Frankies to fit their personal playstyles and go against legions of alien-controlled machines!

Become as (Garbage) Gods — Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge Brings Chaotic Four-Player Co-Op Robo-Battling Action to Steam Today
One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Titan - Create the Ultimate Battle-bot with Cobbled Together Junkyard Treasures, Team Up With Allies, and Craft Revenge in the Ultimate Clash of Trash
CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA (MAY 31, 2019) – Independent developer Rikodu invites rabid roboteers and murder-bot maestros worldwide to wreak mechanical mayhem in their newly released four-player co-op multiplayer action game, Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge

Available now for Windows PC via Steam, Frankie’s Revenge features bolts-to-the-wall action where players — solo or with allies locally or online — seek vengeance against an onslaught of alien-controlled robotic renegades by crafting their very own “Frankie” bots from junkyard scraps. Those who master the art of bolting together everyday items into trash-tacular warriors will dish out … Frankie’s revenge!

“It’s time to kick some trash,” said Rikodu’s Managing Director and Co-Founder Alexandru Palade. “Everyone here at Rikodu has worked hard to make Frankie’s Revenge as polished and fun as possible for today’s public launch. Players can finally live out their dream of being a killer fridge with a chainsaw arm and a disco ball for a head!”

He continued, “With such a solid foundation, we’re focused on expanding the game with new features and content while in Early Access, as well as working with the community to improve the game even further.”

The junkyard was once a peaceful place where humankind’s trash became more than just treasures to a forgotten few. Sentient machine Frankie called this place home — until the day THEY invaded. Cast aside and ready to rise from the ashes of the junkyard, B.A.M.F.-bot Frankie is out for revenge against the megalomaniacal aliens that threaten the world of machines. 

In Frankie’s Revenge, players can build their own Frankie-bots piece-by-piece, customizing each component — body, head, legs, main weapon, and offhand weapons — to suit their playstyles. Some parts work well together naturally to achieve classic squad roles such as tank and support, affecting a Frankie’s overall health, energy, speed, and weight. Other combinations require a bit more creativity and finesse. With dozens of wacky parts and hundreds of combinations to choose from, friends can squad up and roll out across the vast junkyard to save Frankie’s home.

Check out the Frankie’s Revenge launch trailer here: [YouTube] 

Key Features:

Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge is available now on Windows PC through Steam Early Access for $15.99. Free upcoming content updates include new robot parts, emotes, a "revenge board" with challenges and rewards, and new game modes. For more information, please visit the official website here:  

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