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Time running out to pre-order The Rival Networks!

I will be closing pre-orders for The Rival Networks and begin the process of charging cards on November 1. 

The Rival Networks is a version of The Networks that is made specifically for two players. It had a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, and I look forward to getting it into people's hands soon!

Play a game with me at AwSHUX!

AwSHUX is the virtual version of SHUX, the annual convention of the web series Shut Up & Sit Down (who were kind enough to mention High Rise in their latest News Update), normally held in Vancouver at this time of year. 

Formal Ferret is a Silver sponsor of AwShux, which means that you can find us in Hall 2 of the Vendor Hall (aka the second page of vendors). We'll have the same demo schedule each day from Friday Oct 16 to Sunday Oct 18:

2 pm: The Rival Networks
4 pm: High Rise
7 pm: Weird Stories

Come by and join us for a demo!

Learn a new game at the Envoy Gateway

Those of you who have tried my games at conventions are probably familiar with Envoy, the company that handles a lot of my demos at shows. 

Now that in-person conventions are on-hold for the time being, Envoy has put their work and time into a web site called the Envoy Gateway that lets you sign up for online demos of their games, including mine! 

The Gateway calendar shows demos of my games for most of this month. Most of the games are available to play for free on Tabletopia. I hope you get to try some of them!

High Rise: UltraPlastic Edition is on Kickstarter, and has already hit its funding goal!

As you saw in the previous email, High Rise: UltraPlastic Edition is now running on Kickstarter. We hit our funding goal this weekend, and we're onto stretch goals now!

We have some other High Rise notes…

And finally, in Networks news… this video by Tabletop Tolson must be seen to be believed.

That's all the news I have this month. More exciting news coming in November!























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