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Magical creation according to plan: in the forest of miracles everything is based on the clear ideas of the Queen of Hearts Berlin, spring 2022. Enchanted rose bushes, magical mushrooms, talking trees - the forest of miracles has a special magic inherent in it.

As ruler of the realms, however, the Queen of Hearts has a clear idea of ​​where the plants grow in the forest and how the chess pieces should move in it. Who can best design their own piece of forest according to the plans of the notorious queen and thus win her favor?

The novelty "Forest of Miracles" is a fast combination game from Schmidt Spiele for the whole family, with simple rules and lots of variety up to four people aged eight and over. A solo version is also available.

Schmidt Spiele In the forest of wonders, one to four players become landscape planners and try to earn valuable victory points. 
Each player has: r players: in a forest board in front of them, on which the plant and figure tiles are placed. There are five different
tile shapes in different bags, as well as the square bonus tiles. Round after round, the person who is currently holding the starting
marker chooses a tile shape - often to the chagrin of the other players. Then, one after the other, the shapes randomly drawn from
the bag are selected and laid out by the players inside. 

The wondrous plants and figures should be placed in this way that they correspond to the clear ideas of the Queen of Hearts, 
because that gives points. For example, it is advisable to put the talking trees apart while the rose plants grow together to form
a magnificent rose bush. 

If there is also a path for the chess pieces and the mushrooms sprout in the right place, valuable points are secured. Despite your
 own careful planning, you should not lose sight of the players' tableaus. Because the game ends when a player: can no longer 
invest in the current tile shape. And if your own plan has not worked out by then and free spaces have been created or bonus tiles
have not been used, minus points are awarded at the end - in the worst case, these can cost you victory. The puzzled evaluation 
overview helps with the counting of points. These, as well as the game board, each have a variant on the back, which can be 
combined with each other as required and thus provide even more variety. 

Type: Combination game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele | Players: 1-4 | Age: from 8 years | Time: approx. 20 minutes | 
Price: 28.99 euros


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