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The new esports competition exclusively for professional football clubs will conclude this Friday

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has today announced the broadcast schedule ahead of the Knockout Stage of the eFootball.Pro Cup competition, played on eFootball PES 2020, which will be shown on Friday 31st July at 14:00 CEST.

Fans will be able to watch via the officialPES YouTube account, following the action as Europe’s best eFootball teams go head-to-head in 3v3 CO-OP matches:

During the first half of the Knockout Stage, the Semi-Finals, the four remaining football clubs will be divided into two groups with each club playing two matches against their opponent, one Home and one Away. The winning club from each group will then progress to the second part of the Knockout Stage, the Final.

A Predict-The-Winner campaign will also be running ahead of the Knockout Stage, starting today at 14:00 CEST until Thursday 30th July at 01:59 CEST. If players are able to predict the eFootball.Pro Cup winner during this period, they will earn 300 myClub coins. Correctly predict the runner-up, and they will earn 100 myClub coins. Mobile users can vote from the in-game news, whilst console users can vote at the following link:

The matchups for the Knockout Stage are as follows:

Following the Group Stage Day 2 matches, FC Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and FC Barcelona have successfully made it into the Semi-Finals. From Group A, FC Bayern managed to secure their place at the top of the table despite a less impressive performance last week, with one draw and one loss. FC Barcelona were able to work their way into second place after dominating FC Nantes 4-1 and drawing against FC Schalke.

Manchester United stole the top spot from Juventus in Group B, after the two teams drew 1-1 against each other in their final game of the day. While Manchester United were able to secure a 4-1 victory against Arsenal in their first match, Juventus drew their game against Celtic 1-1, costing them points. It was still enough for the Italian team to secure that vital second-place, however.

Current League Tables

As with the Regular Season of eFootball.Pro, viewers of the broadcast who join via the campaign site will be eligible to receive 100 free myClub coins for use in eFootball PES 2020. Mobile users can access the video through the in-game news, console users can do so via the following link -

For a full recap of Group Stage Day 2 and further information about the eFootball.Pro Cup Knockout Stage, please head to the following website –

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