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Many folks have asked us to make available a pdf of the 5th Edition T&T Rules. We have just done so. You can get it at drivethru - this link will take you to drivethru <> when you get there, search for Flying Buffalo. We have a lot of stuff available.

Including for the first time: Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes. Including the color cover, and the ads on the back page for metal miniatures. (I don't think the miniatures are available any more.)

Speaking of miniatures, an artist from New Zealand recently created metal miniatures of Ken St Andre (as the troll god) and me (as the wizard Buffalorick). In a moment of madness, I asked him to send me ten of each. So, a LIMITED number are available from Flying Buffalo. You can buy either or both. Go to to see painted versions of them or to purchase them.

The next convention I will attend will be KublaCon in San Francisco, CA on Memorial Day Weekend. Come visit my booth and ask for your free Death Die (tm). And step on the "X" if you dare! And if you can get three friends together, challenge me to a game of Nuclear War. We'll adjourn to the open gaming room and have at it. If everyone in the game dies, you get the coveted "I played Nuclear War with Rick Loomis and everyone died" button!

Speaking of conventions, we did not run our annual event in 2016 -- I decided to take a year off. (They are a lot of work, and very expensive.) But we are confirmed for 2017 for July 21-23. Look for details at and save that weekend. You'll have a blast, I promise. And if you come early for the poker game, I'll teach you "Call the Kings" a poker variant I invented that even got published in a book. During the weekend we will be playing Tunnels & Trolls run by Ken St Andre and Bear Peters and others. Plus we'll be playing our play by mail/email game Heroic Fantasy. It's a small convention but that makes it intimate.

Rick Loomis

Stuff I told you about before:
Follow me on Twitter for uptothe minute news. I'm @Buffalorick. I've got 947 followers. If you have a twitter account, follow @Buffalorick. I won't overwhelm your twitter feed. I'd really like to get up to 1000. ;)

Ken St Andre's solo adventure "Arena of Khazan" has been out of print for at least a decade. He has rewritten and updated it to make it more compatible with the new Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, and you can buy it now from our webpage at for only $11.95 plus shipping. Or you can get a pdf for $3.95 from drivethru <> This adventure is for ALL characters of ANY level and ANY kindred! So, if you have been looking for some excitement for your 21st level Were-Dragon, here ya go!

Are you a fan of the Nuclear War card game? Do you have all eight of the individual special cards we sell, that are not in any of the games?  I just recently created a new one: The Trade Show card. Only $3 from

Our kickstarter to make a mold to make molded (instead of painted-on) dice was successful. So we will be selling new and improved Pizza Dice, Adventure Dice, Hit Location Dice, and Fast Food Dice this coming Fall. Watch this space!

Or: Have you been to our "weekly special" page lately?  I don't change it often, but when I do, I usually post some smokin' deals! - right now there is a special offer for ALL eight of those new Nuclear War cards.

Grimtooth's Traps Ate, <> which we reprinted in 2012, is now available as a pdf on DriveThruRPG <>

You may have seen our recent announcements for digital Tunnels & Trolls, which is being developed by MetaArcade in partnership with Flying Buffalo and the Fellowship of the Troll. You can always catch up fast on the news by going to

The Nuclear War Spinner App is available in the itunes store. You can get it for your iphone (and for your ipad) for 99 cents. It is the spinner from the card game. You spin it by swiping your finger over it, and when the arrow stops spinning, Claudia Christian tells you your result (in a Russian accent!)  It is also still available for Droid phones in the Android Marketplace. If you get it, please write a review of it, and then let me know that you did. We hope to (eventually) put the entire game on cell phone!

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