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we have two new Star Trek Fluxx expansion packs for you. We previously released the Bridge Pack, which is meant to be shuffled together with both Star Trek Fluxx (TOS) and Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx. We have now added two more packs that fix two problems we were having.

The first problem was that the Bridge Pack only works with the first two Star Trek Fluxx decks. Now that we've added Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx and Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx to the ranks, we wished we had a pack that would combine characters and items from all four series. The Archer and Porthos Packs fit that bill, with connections to all four Star Trek Fluxx decks! These packs are the most fun when you shuffle them together with all four Fluxxes, but they also work with any game individually or with any number of Star Trek Fluxxes shuffled together. And they even have cards to keep the game from going too long... a common problem when shuffling decks together.

The second problem was that there were many Star Trek Enterprise fans out there waiting for their turn, and sad to hear that we weren't going to make any more Star Trek Fluxx decks. Well, as their names imply, the Archer and Porthos Packs fit that bill very nicely! The Archer Pack focuses on some of the main characters of Star Trek Enterprise, as well as the time war subplot. The Porthos Pack focuses on the more lighthearted side of Enterprise lore, with cards such as Don't Give Him Cheese and Away Mission.

These two packs make great stocking stuffers for any Star Trek fans in your life, and can be supplemented with any of the four Star Trek Fluxxes they don't yet own, or the time travel game Star Trek Chrono-Trek!

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